Even Jeopardy Made Cracks About How Long George R.R. Martin Is Taking To Write Winds Of Winter

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Fans of George R.R. Martin’s wonderful books have been looking forward to the release of The Winds of Winter for the longest time. So long, in fact, that even Jeopardy! is making cracks about the time it is taking Martin to write it.

The series that Game of Thrones is based on, A Song of Fire and Ice, published its most recent book, A Dance with Dragons, in July 2011. That release was timed to happen soon after Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in April 2011. Well, Jeopardy! made George R.R. Martin’s progress on The Winds of Winter the subject of a recent clue. Check it out below:

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“Who is George R.R. Martin?” I'm pre-e-e-tty sure I got it, even though the pic doesn't have the answer. A rarity for Jeopardy! and me, but I will take it!

George R.R. Martin has kept fans on the edge of their seats awaiting The Winds of Winter, and the wait has not let up so those edges have probably been rounded down a bit. Martin did turn down a cameo in Game of Thrones’ last season in order to work on the much-anticipated book, but that was literally years ago at this point.

The author, who wanted the Game of Thrones show to last much longer than it did, has obviously been busy. Not only has he been working on The Winds of Winter for nearly nine years, but he has also been working on prequels to the Game of Thrones television series among other written works. That tidbit of trivia probably would have been tough to work into the Jeopardy! clue.

George R.R. Martin did vow not to work on any scripts for the green-lit House of the Dragon prequel until he has “finished and delivered Winds of Winter.” Hence, fans should not expect the prequel screenplays in particular to keep him from providing The Winds of Winter. On that note, what can fans anticipate when it does eventually arrive?

For one, you will probably not be able to solve very much about The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring using the HBO show. George R.R. Martin has said that Game of Thrones’ final season and his books may have important “discrepancies,” and he has also confirmed that he will not change the books to please the internet fandom.

What has taken so long for George R.R. Martin to complete The Winds of Winter to the point that Jeopardy! has kidded him about it? Martin has had a busy decade with his books being adapted into the mega-popular TV series, and acknowledged that Game of Thrones played a role in delaying the final books. (Not to mention other projects he had going, such as Syfy's Nightflyers and more.)

Now that Game of Thrones is over, albeit, in controversial fashion, George R.R. Martin should theoretically prove helpful to his writing time. The Winds of Winter has been roughly a decade in the making. How much will it differ from the television show? Here is hoping that time will tell, and soon!

While you anticipate The Winds of Winter's arrival, you can watch or rewatch Game of Thrones’ final season, Season 8, which is now available on digital and DVD. You can also stream all eight seasons of the epic fantasy on HBO Go and HBO NOW.

Check your local listings to learn when Jeopardy!, which recently ventured into primetime, airs in your area! In related news, winter (and spring) premieres are (definitely) coming to television!

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