Could Altered Carbon Season 3 Have A Female Lead? The Showrunner Speaks Out

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Spoilers ahead for Altered Carbon Season 2.

Altered Carbon Season 2 is in the books, and while there were some satisfying conclusions to some story arcs, there's still plenty to cover if Season 3 is going to happen. One major point of note is that Anthony Mackie's Takeshi was forced to sacrifice his life, meaning that body is toast should his character make a return. Assuming that Takeshi returns, there's an opportunity for a new actor to play the character, and showrunner Alison Schapker has signaled anyone is on the table to play the character.

I spoke to Alison Schapker about Season 2, and asked if a woman could be the next lead of the Netflix original if the Takeshi Kovacs of Season 1 and 2 returns. Schapker didn't hesitate in her response, and essentially said she is down for anyone to take the role.

Yeah! At this point, I would discuss anything with my writers in the writers' room, like 100% open to who that Kovacs is going to be.

The confirmation is not all that surprising considering Takeshi Kovacs was first seen at the beginning of Season 2 as a female lounge singer. Takeshi was content to stay in that sleeve, but Trepp ended up killing him which eventually put him in the body played by Anthony Mackie. Now, with that body destroyed, Alison Schapker said the door is open for anyone to step in as the next person to play Takeshi.

Of course, this is all assuming that the Takeshi Kovacs who led Season 1 and 2 will still be around in Season 3. Alison Schapker confirmed that the raw human DHF Poe had in his memory was a backed up stack of that Takeshi, but obviously Poe will have to remember that and find a stack and sleeve to put that data in to bring him back. Put simply, Takeshi's arc in finding Quell is done, so it's possible that version's time in this story is as well.

And now, Altered Carbon has another potential lead in Takeshi Prime, the double-sleeved backup of the character from 300 years prior played by Will Yun Lee. Lee was featured prominently in flashbacks as the "birth sleeve" of Takeshi in Season 1, but now with him in the present with different ambitions, there's a chance to shift the story over to him and his next adventure. It's an interesting situation to face going forward, though we'll have to see if Season 3 is greenlit to find out if we get to see what the show does.

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