New Amsterdam Spoilers: Is Reynolds Really Leaving The Show?

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Spoilers for the March 17 episode of New Amsterdam entitled “Liftoff” are discussed below.

Ever since Dr. Floyd Reynolds agreed to move with his fiancé Evie, fans have been left to wonder if he will actually do it. Reynolds told Max that he is departing his job at the hospital, and New Amsterdam seemed to ready his exit. In the March 17 episode, Reynolds appeared to work his last day.

It was an eventful one, too, which involved a boy’s selfie challenge going horribly awry. Thank goodness for Reynolds! By the episode’s end, Reynolds had performed what seemed to be his final surgery at the hospital, and afterward, everyone came to bid him a fond farewell. As you can tell, New Amsterdam is doing a persuasive job of making viewers think that “Liftoff” is Reynolds’ last episode, but is it?

New Amsterdam’s showrunner, David Schulner, answered that question, and his answer was a surprising one. It is also destined to spark a lot of speculation, so feel free to read it as many times as you need to. Asked if Reynolds is really leaving the show, Schulner told CinemaBlend:

Reynolds is leaving New Amsterdam and not leaving the show.

Wait, what? Reynolds is leaving the hospital, but he is not leaving the show? Well, this is not the strangest plot twist. The question is what this mysterious response means for the character’s future. The show is called New Amsterdam because of its titular hospital and central setting. How will Reynolds stay on New Amsterdam if he is out of the hospital?

It is possible that the bold NBC drama could follow Reynolds’ story as he works at another hospital, which makes me wonder. This is just personal speculation, but could this also be the beginnings of a New Amsterdam spinoff starring Jocko Sims’ Reynolds? It would not be surprising. Reynolds could unquestionably anchor his own show. Following New Amsterdam’s mega three-season renewal, the subject was broached with NBC brass.

Back in January, Deadline reported that while there was a lot of openness to the potential of a New Amsterdam spinoff, no conversations were happening. Could that have changed now that we are in March? May is not too far away, and that time is typically used to determine the fate of series at varying stages of devlopment. Could a Reynolds-led spinoff get the go-ahead?

It would be interesting if Reynolds were leaving New Amsterdam to set up his own show. Or, he could just be there for a while and come back. It is tough to imagine things not working out between Reynolds and Evie. They are in love, and Reynolds is clearly devoted to her. Maybe something brings them back for good?

He is making the sacrifice of giving up his job for her. Much like Severide leaving his post on Chicago Fire, I expect Reynolds to eventually return to the hospital that gives the show its name. Not having Reynolds as part of the main story that drives New Amsterdam’s hospital is tough to imagine.

New Amsterdam has undoubtedly opened the door to something definitely worth speculating about, as Season 2 continues. While Reynolds will be away from the hospital, there will be a new doctor coming on board in a different capacity. Hawaii Five-0’s Daniel Dae Kim will arrive as Dr. Cassian Shin – the new head trauma surgeon.

As for Dr. Reynolds, stay tuned to find out what happens next for him when new episodes of New Amsterdam air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned to your television because there will be lots of winter and spring premieres set to join the medical drama.

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