New Amsterdam Star Reveals 'Really Weird' And 'Taboo' Storyline Is On The Way

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New Amsterdam is a medical drama, which means storylines of the medical variety are a pretty regular occurrence. Prepare to have your curiosity piqued after reading what Tyler Labine teased about an upcoming storyline. Do not worry, it has nothing to do with an ambulance crash. Or at least, I do not think so.

One New Amsterdam star has revealed that a storyline that dips its toes into fairly “taboo” waters is coming, and it is sort of ripped from the headlines. Before your mind goes into a zillion different places, I'll first dial things back a bit for a more narrow and innocent approach. New Amsterdam will apparently be delving into DNA testing services, such as 23andMe, and the unique discoveries that can happen when using those companies.

How does DNA testing fit into the medical drama’s scope of interest? Tyler Labine, who plays Dr. Iggy Frome, revealed this:

More and more people are finding out that maybe they’re related to people that they didn’t realize they were related to. So we have an episode about that [which is] really weird and funny… and kind of taboo and off… only the way our show can do it.

I have so many thoughts! There are so many ways the mega-renewed series can handle this. First off, does Tyler Labine mentioning the upcoming New Amsterdam storyline to TVLine mean that Iggy is specifically involved in it? He is a psychiatrist, so I could see someone getting back the results of their DNA test, and potentially seeking his counsel on how to handle new and discomforting information.

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From what Tyler Labine is saying, the issue from the DNA test will involve people learning they are related to someone that wasn't previously suspected of being a family member, which could lead to all sorts of "taboo” moments in New Amsterdam. Obviously the go-to assumption here is that someone will realize they're unwittingly in an incestuous situation, possibly with medical repercussions.

Along those same lines, perhaps a noteworthy character will find out some other controversial news about a newly recognized relation, such as discovering their parents were actually family members who conceived. Or, for some slightly less murky territory, if a character did a DNA test and found out they're related to someone who has committed a crime. New Amsterdam would be touching on an incredibly topical situation there.

Certain DNA databases have been used to crack some headline-making cold cases through genetic genealogy. Maybe New Amsterdam will wade into the emotional aftermath of someone learning they are related to a criminal? Season 2 has big plans for Iggy, and this storyline could be a part of the overarching puzzle, though it isn't necessarily so taboo, unless there are some kinky details I'm not thinking.

I am quite curious to learn how this plays out. There are a lot of possibilities for New Amsterdam to explore. Iggy has had a lot going on lately, so it would be an interesting case for him to help someone sift through. Not to mention learning how Iggy could help them wade through it, assuming he's not personally invested.

Tyler Labine teased that Iggy will be leaning on Dr. Lauren Bloom like she relied on him last season. Of course, she will be dealing with some personal conflicts as well. I am just curious to know how this DNA storyline will fall into place and what it will entail! The clues are intriguing.

Find out what happens with the DNA storyline on New Amsterdam when new episodes of the medical drama air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Season 2 is one of this winter’s premieres, so be sure to check out all the rest.

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