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Not a lot of people are riding through this world right now, but there are indeed many who are all alone, thanks to social restrictions made in response to the rampant spread of COVID-19. Thankfully, the CRO will forever fly straight on Sons of Anarchy, which has gotten a new wave of fan love on Hulu, where all seven seasons are available to stream. Star Katey Sagal, who plays the standout matriarch Gemma Teller, put this question out on social media to get fans in the S.O.A. mood:

If you had to be in self-quarantine with three members of the cast of #SOA, what three would your pick?

To be expected, a ton of Sons of Anarchy fans spoke up and offered an answer to Katey Sagal's inquiry, and as a fully dedicated SAMCRO fanatic from the jump, I am fully on board with everyone's answers, because they're (just about) all perfectly correct.

First up is the trio offered up by the official Hulu page, suitably enough.

Yep, yep, yep. I can fully agree with all three of those. Ryan Hurst's Opie is arguably the show's biggest sympathy magnet, and Hurst plays him as close to a human teddy bear (with a mean streak) as it gets. Tommy Flanagan's Chibs, meanwhile, is like Sons of Anarchy's version of The Joker, in that he has a dark sense of humor that is only ever a split-second away from turning violent. And then there's Kim Coates' Tig, who never met a sexual fetish he didn't try at least three times, on three different kinds of intoxicants.

While we're already on the Opie train – every train is the Opie train – there were quite a few fans who basically shared this exact sentiment, eschewing the opportunity to bring three characters along.

And since once good turn deserved another post about Opie being all we need in life...

Okay, okay, I can feel everyone getting a little weirded out by the fact that we haven't discussed Charlie Hunnam's Jax Teller yet. But fear not. Charming's most sensitive journal-keeper definitely made the rounds with a lot of fans, and I'm not thinking that they'd be willing to share him.

If only this were a Beetlejuice situation, where if you say his name three times, he appears. But not like, with Michael Keaton playing a weird, tiny-headed version of Jax. Just good ol' Charlie Hunnam. It appears the fan above digs Jax when the mid-length, slicked-back 'do, as opposed to his other two hairstyles.

On the flip(curl) side, the fan below is willing to go for characters beyond just long-haired Jax, but still isn't willing to share him with his longtime Sons of Anarchy love, Tara.

For what it's worth, a lot of fans DID choose Tara specifically for her doctor skills, since medical advice is indeed the most important thing to worry about when self-isolating for coronavirus.

For all the fans that were hot for Jax, Chibs, & Co., there were obviously also quite a few people who wanted nothing more than to spend quality time with some of Sons of Anarchy's badass women, including Gemma herself.

An amused shout-out, also, to the fan who requested the game use Married with Children characters rather than Sons of Anarchy leads. I would have LOVED to see Bud Bundy becoming a SAMCRO prospect at some point, as non-sensical as that would be.

Even after all that, there are still more opinions to agree with here. Such as this fan's two cents about how Mark Boone Junior's Bobby was sorely missing from the majority of people's requests. The actor's take on "House of the Rising Sun" would be fantastic.

In the end, this fan probably had the best idea by just ignoring all the rules, as SAMCRO is wont to do, and inviting most of the core crew, complete with Gemma and her doobie snacks.

For those who need a big more to think about, in terms of Sons of Anarchy, check out the mind-warping answer Kurt Sutter supplied a fan with when asked to explain the recurring Homeless Woman who appears throughout the series' run. And then when that's done, go back and relive the pre-Mayans M.C. glory days on Hulu, where all seven season of S.O.A. are available.

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