Sons Of Anarchy Cast: What Are They Up To Now?

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It has been nearly five years since Sons of Anarchy rode its motorcycle into the FX sunset, and in the time since, all the main cast members such as Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman have moved on to different projects. Naturally, some have found more success than others in transitioning away from their fan-favored roles in the acclaimed crime drama.

What has the cast of Sons of Anarchy been up to since the show's series finale in 2014? Let's take a look!

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy

Charlie Hunnam (Jackson "Jax" Teller)

In the role that introduced the actor to a wider audience than prior shows like Undeclared and Queer as Folk, Charlie Hunnam earned a lot of notice and praise for his leading-man portrayal of SAMCRO's eventual president Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy. And since the show's conclusion, Hunnam has been looking for a movie role that matches the brooding intensity of the morally flippant Jax.

While Charlie Hunnam earned acclaim for his work in Children of Men and Green Street Hooligans, the actor's leading roles have mostly faced mixed success. For as much as people love Pacific Rim, there is often less acclaim for his specific performance, and Deadfall wasn't the compelling and nuanced drama that it should've been. In any case, since Sons of Anarchy left the air back in 2014, Hunnam has begun to find some roles that play to his favor — even if 50 Shades of Grey's Christian Grey wasn't one of them. Alas, for all his successes (at least from a critical standpoint), Hunnam was recently met with a big flop.

Specifically, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword wasn't exactly the franchise starter that both Warner Bros. and director Guy Ritchie were hoping they would be. The film is one of the biggest box office disasters in recent years, and the reviews were generally unkind. In the indie-to-mid-budget side of moviemaking, however, Charlie Hunnam has earned good praises for his work in Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak and particularly for James Gray's The Lost City of Z. Hunnam was also lauded for his performances in Papillon and Netflix's Triple Frontier. On the festival circuit, Hunnam has quite a few movies which recently premiered, including A Million Little Pieces, True History of the Kelly Gang, and Jungleland.

Additionally, Charlie Hunnam has some other upcoming and/or in-the-works projects, including The Gentlemen, which reunites him with Guy Ritchie, and the action-thriller Waldo (which might or might not have something to do with finding him). He will also appear in the new Apple TV+ series Shantaram. It appears Hunnam found his niche in smaller, more character-driven projects, which makes sense.

Katey Sagal - Sons of Anarchy

Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller Morrow)

In her Golden Globe-winning performance, Katey Sagal expanded from comedy veteran to serious dramatic talent as Gemma Teller Morrow. While Sagal was also well-known for playing Peggy Bundy on Married ... With Children and Cate Hennessy in 8 Simple Rules, as well as providing the voice of Leela on Futurama, Sons of Anarchy allowed the multi-talented actress to work in her dramatic and comedic flair in equal fashion — though unfortunately, Sagal hasn't found a follow-up role that's equaled the work she did on Sons of Anarchy. At least, in terms of screen-time and a weighted prominence.

Since Sons of Anarchy's conclusion, Katey Sagal has primarily done supporting roles and guest work on other shows, including (but not limited to), Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Big Bang Theory, This Is Us, Grand Hotel, Shameless, and Regular Show. She did, however, reunite to work with husband Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, for the short-lived historical drama The Bastard Executioner, and she also reprised the role of Gamma Teller Marrow in the S.O.A. spinoff series, Mayans M.C. Sagal did have a role in the now-cancelled CBS sitcom Superior Donuts, and she's now heading for a larger recurring role on ABC's hit The Conners.

Mark Boone Junior - Sons of Anarchy

Mark Boone Junior (Bobby Munson)

A hard-working character actor who got the critical recognition he always deserves through this series, Mark Boone Junior will likely always continue finding exciting, engaging roles he can sink his teeth into. Alas, the TV actor hasn't landed a role on equal footing with Sons of Anarchy's Bobby Munson just yet, but it could still happen.

On the small screen, Mark Boone Junior made an impression on shows like Patriot, Flaked, Elementary and even The Last Man on Earth. He's also appeared in some smaller, and often noteworthy, movies like Let Me Make You a Martyr and The Birth of a Nation. Evidently, these roles don't really showcase his dynamic range from Sons of Anarchy. But hopefully, his upcoming work in the new series Paradise City will allow him to again live up to his proven potential.

Kim Coates - Sons of Anarchy

Kim Coates (Alex "Tig" Trager)

A highly dependable working actor with a nice dynamic range, Kim Coates has continued to find steady work since leaving the envelope-pushing role of Tig Trager on Sons of Anarchy. Of course, fans would love it if Kurt Sutter put together a spinoff based entirely on Tig's daily comings and goings, pun intended.

Most notably, Kim Coates has played recurring roles in Netflix's Godless and Syfy's Ghost Wars. When it comes to making films, Coates played the title role in 2016's action comedy Officer Downe, and the actor played supporting parts in True Memoirs of An International Assassin and Goon: Last of the Enforcers. Currently, Coates plays one of the lead roles in the Canadian crime drama series, Bad Blood, for which he has won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Lead Dramatic Role.

Tommy Flanagan - Sons of Anarchy

Tommy Flanagan (Filip "Chibs" Telford)

As one of only six actors who appeared throughout the entire series, Tommy Flanagan was a welcomed mainstay for Sons of Anarchy. The actor had appeared in a variety of noteworthy projects, including Gladiator and Braveheart, but the role of Filip "Chibs" Telford remains one of his most prominent, and yes, the scars played a part. Since his time on the FX drama series, Flanagan has kept himself busy with both movies and television shows — as well as projects both big and small in scale.

On television, Tommy Flanagan has appeared on Revenge, Motive, and Gotham, and he currently plays a role in Netflix's Wu Assassins. He's also set to make an appearance during Westworld's much-anticipated third season. Additionally, Flanagan appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Ballad of Lefty Brown, which earned a wealth of acclaim upon its release. He also appeared in Papillon alongside his Sons of Anarchy co-star Charlie Hunnam.

Ron Perlman - Sons of Anarchy

Ron Perlman (Clarence "Clay" Morrow)

When Sons of Anarchy first made its way onto television, there was no denying that Ron Perlman was the biggest name in the cast. The experienced actor has been working hard for several decades, often in intensive genre movies and TV shows, and he continues to provide exceptional performance in all of his projects. That's no exception with Sons of Anarchy, where he played the often conniving and ruthless Clay Morrow. And sure enough, the Hellboy actor remains very busy.

After leaving Sons of Anarchy after its sixth season, Ron Perlman starred at the front of Amazon's Hand of God, which didn't quite earn the same high acclaim as his previous show, and was cancelled in 2017. But Perlman kept at it, starring in Crackle's StartUp, the miniseries The Truth About Harry Quebert Affair, and, most recently, the miniseries The Capture. Ron Perlman has also appeared in movies like Moonwalkers, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Pottersville, and Asher, to name a mere handful, in the years since he left the FX series. No matter what, the actor keeps active, even if he wasn't part of the arguably ill-advised Hellboy remake.

Maggie Siff - Sons of Anarchy

Maggie Siff (Tara Knowles)

As the tragic love of Jax Teller, among other things, Maggie Siff played a pivotal role in Sons of Anarchy, serving as the sometimes polar opposite female lead to Katey Sagal's Gemma. Unfortunately, that played a part in why her character didn't last the entirety of the series, as it goes for some others on this list.

In the time since she appeared on Sons of Anarchy, Maggie Siff doesn't appear to be hurting for work. Specifically, she landed a key role in Showtime's Billions in 2016, and she'll be back for Season 5. The former Mad Men actress has also been in movies like Concussion and The 5th Wave since her departure from Sons of Anarchy.

Theo Rossi - Sons of Anarchy

Theo Rossi (Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz)

Having been around since the pilot, Juan Carlos Ortiz, i.e. Ortiz, is a character who has grown in status throughout the series, playing a bigger and bigger hand in the proceedings until the second-to-final episode of the series. Thankfully, his status on the popular FX series has helped his career grow and expand in the years since Sons of Anarchy' series finale. Specifically, Theo Rossi played a sizable role in Netflix's Marvel show, Luke Cage.

Beyond that, Theo Rossi also played one of the main roles in the 2016 crime drama Lowriders, and he also played a part in that year's horror-drama When the Bough Breaks. Rossi will next be seen in the mystery drama Rattlesnake, and he's currently filming a role in Zack Snyder's Netflix film Army of the Dead, which is expected to be released sometime next year on the streaming service. Suffice to say, Rossi is keeping himself busy as an actor.

These are not the only main cast members of Sons of Anarchy, but these are the actors and actresses who were there at the beginning (if maybe not at the end). Let us know your favorite actor from Sons of Anarchy in the comments below. And don't forget to tune into Mayans M.C. every Tuesday night on FX at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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