Technical Difficulties Didn't Stop Daniel Radcliffe's Interview With Stephen Colbert From Being Great

Daniel Radcliffe in Miracle Workers Dark Ages
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In these unprecedented times it can feel like nothing is normal anymore. Late night fans cannot even find comfort in tuning in to see their favorite hosts sit at their desks and tell jokes to a captive audience. However, they are adjusting to make sure the show still goes on during New York and Los Angeles stay-at-home orders. The Late Show's Stephen Colbert just did an incredibly fun video interview with Daniel Radcliffe… though it was not without technical difficulties.

During a conference video call with the Harry Potter actor, the sound was completely cut out on Daniel Radcliffe’s end for four minutes of it and it led to a hilarious bit of miming, handwritten notes and a ton of silent laughter from Daniel Radcliffe. Check it out below:

It almost turned out better with all the sound issues. Stephen Colbert and Daniel Radcliffe certainly handled the frustrating circumstance with class with the late night host resorting to singing Kenny Rogers midway through to keep energies high. After a few minutes of fumbling, Colbert finally called up Daniel Radcliffe on the phone and they talked through their cell phones while on video chat.

During the 13-minute interview, Daniel Radcliffe talked about his stressful journey back to the states amidst the COVID-19 situation when his London play was cancelled – along with every other one on the West End and on New York’s Broadway. He said he caught one of the last flights in before travelling back to the U.S. became the ordeal it is now.

Since returning to his home in New York City, Daniel Radcliffe has been in quarantine with his girlfriend constructing a massive Jurassic Park-themed LEGO set, which he showed to Stephen Colbert during his Wednesday appearance. The pair also joked about how well-equipped Harry Potter would have been for the current situation (you know because he lived in the cupboard under the stairs for so long).

Daniel Radcliffe was also rumored to be the first major celebrity to test positive for coronavirus – even though it was completely false. That title went to Tom Hanks who took to his social media on March 11 to announce he and his wife had contracted the virus while in Australia. After two weeks of quarantine and recovery, the couple returned to their home in Los Angeles.

Oddly enough, Daniel Radcliffe is doing press to promote the second season of his TBS show Miracle Workers, which is set during a plague in the Dark Ages. Radcliffe’s tips for staying safe were staying inside and washing your hands of course. The show’s season finale just aired on Tuesday.

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