Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Have Finally Returned To The US Following Coronavirus Quarantine

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks.

The coronavirus’ impact on Hollywood can’t be understated at this point. Not only are various TV and film productions be shut down due to health concerns, but a number of celebrities have also contracted the disease as well. One of the first to do so was Tom Hanks, who was diagnosed alongside wife Rita Wilson while shooting in Australia. However, we now have some good news when it comes to the Hanks family.

Both Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have returned from Australia two weeks after originally being diagnosed with the coronavirus, according to E! News. Photographers also snapped pictures of the two driving to their home in Los Angeles, and both had smiles on their faces. At this point, it hasn’t been verified if the couple will continue to self-quarantine.

While in Australia, Hanks was shooting the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic from Baz Luhrmann before he received his diagnosis. Production on that film was halted shortly after the actor was revealed to have the virus.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been attempting to heal up since they were both diagnosed, and the road hasn’t been easy. Hanks’ sister even gave an update, saying that the actor was doing ok but not great.

Nevertheless, the two have managed to remain upbeat throughout the situation. Since announcing the news, Hanks has taken to social media on a few occasions to provide updates on his health status. This includes playing cards with his wife and working on a vintage typewriter. Wilson has also been a delight, and she mostly recently treated fans to a well-done hip hop sing along, proving that she has plenty of bars in the process.

The Hanks’ playful posts may seem jokey, but their initial announcement has inspired many other celebrities to speak out. Idris Elba, who was diagnosed shortly after Hanks, praised him for bringing his diagnosis to the forefront and has since sought to follow suit by being candid about his battle with COVID-19. Kumail Nanjiani also regards Hanks’ decision to step forward as a turning point for the pandemic. Even Kevin Bacon, a good friend of Hanks, has taken his messages to heart and is seeking to make an impact in his own way.

Younger’s Debi Mazar went as far as to detail all of the events leading up to her diagnosis and urged her fans to stay safe during this time. Frozen II’s Rachel Matthews also encouraged fans not be afraid but to be proactive and seek out knowledge from trusted sources.

As the pandemic continues, it’s nice to see a glimmer of hope in the Hanks’ return home. We still have a ways to go before things return to normal but, hopefully, this kickstarts a chain of positive news. Keep it here at CinemaBlend for more coronavirus-related updates.

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