Netflix Had To Pull A TV Series From Its Lineup Following Dispute

Line Of Duty BBC

Netflix has enjoyed a nice surge in popularity due to recent events but not every show is seeing the benefits of increased streaming. In fact, Netflix had to pull a TV series and other content from its lineup recently following a dispute with the administrator of Kew Media, FTI Consulting.

It's bad news for anyone hoping to stream the British series Line Of Duty, which has been removed from Netflix in the U.K. and several other territories. The BBC original was one of the most-watched British shows of 2019, but Netflix has pulled the plug on it following collapsed negotiations with FTI Consulting. Netflix had the license for several shows through this deal and offered money to maintain the licenses going forward. FTI Consulting rejected the deal, thus forcing Netflix to remove the content from its platform.

Deadline reported Netflix isn't unwilling to negotiate, though it's taking another direction with who it talks to. Producers of content affected by the deal are encouraged to contact Netflix at to discuss the whole ordeal and possibly work out a solution another way. Netflix still has the rights to films _Leaving Neverland and Whitney: Can I Be Me, as producers of each had already terminated their contracts with Kew Media Distribution. Of course, the validity of the claims are in dispute at FTI still believes it has legal standing to claim the rights of both movies, so it's a tricky situation.

The situation between Netflix and FTI Consulting comes after the collapse of Kew Media Group, which went under back in February. FTI has been attempting to sell off the licenses to shows and films since then but apparently, did not want to accept whatever offer Netflix had on the table. The attorneys of both parties have not publicly commented on the situation, and it is unknown whether or not Line of Duty will return to Netflix soon, if ever.

As previously mentioned, Line of Duty was one of Britain's biggest shows in 2019. The series follows two cops tasked with exposing corruption from within the police force and has featured actors like Westworld's Thandie Newton and The Walking Dead's Lennie Michael James. With 5 seasons and 29 episodes to work through, this would've been a great option for Americans looking to expand their cultural horizons, though until this licensing situation is resolved, anyone interested will be forced to search elsewhere.

While there are many networks running out of new content to show audiences, Netflix is prepped to bring a lot of shows and movies to audiences this April. Check out what the streaming service has to offer all throughout this month, and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest and greatest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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