How Chicago P.D. Is Handling Its Original Plan For Deadly Season 7 Finale

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How will Chicago P.D. handle its original plan for the deadly finale? Yes, you read that correctly. The initial Season 7 finale that viewers were supposed to see entailed a fatal turn of events. Now, to the question undoubtedly on a Chicago P.D. fan’s mind: how will the hit show handle its original plan, and will it unfold next season?

Chicago P.D. is one of the many series that have been affected by the abrupt and early end of the current television season. Hence, the Season 7 finale that viewers saw last night (April 15) was not the one initially intended to complete the season, meaning that fans had a lack of closure from watching the episode.

The Season 7 finale did include more than enough twists to keep fans excited for Chicago P.D.’s return, but because that episode was not supposed to be the one to send off the series, will fans eventually get to see what was meant to unfold? And, on that note, what was initially planned to happen? Teasing the deadly turn, series showrunner Rick Eid told TVLine:

We had an exciting season finale that will probably get pushed to Episode 4 or 5 of next season. I can’t really talk specifically about the episode, other than to say someone we know is murdered.

It sounds like fans can expect to see the original Season 7 finale at some point next season. Perhaps, as early as the fourth or fifth episode out. Chicago P.D.’s showrunner did not give much away in terms of what would happen, but he did say that someone viewers are familiar with would get murdered.

Let the speculation begin! If you are wondering if this murder will occur at some point long after where Chicago P.D. left off, there is news on that front. When asked if Season 8 will pick right after Season 7’s impromptu finale, Chicago P.D.’s showrunner Rick Eid said:

We will definitely pick up Season 8 in real time.

Since Season 8 is set to pick up right after Season 7 ended, it seems the murder will relate to the events that unraveled in Chicago P.D.’s finale, while a time-jump would have made the possibilities endless. So, knowing this should help narrow the list of those potentially at risk.

In non-deadly developments, if you were concerned that you were going to miss any romantic moments to come, take heart. Chicago P.D. will not leap past where it left its characters, so, for better or worse, that means the falling in love portion of Upton and Halstead’s relationship will not be skipped over.

While a time-jump could have, theoretically, seen Upton/Halstead and Atwater/Rojas make serious progress in their relationship, who wants to fast forward past some good romantic tension? The same could be said for Burgess and Ruzek, who left Season 7 in a positive place to pick up at when Chicago P.D. returns.

Burgeoning romance aside, Chicago P.D. will be back, eventually accompanied by a deadly twist. Time will tell which character ends up being murdered. It would be shocking right now if one of the main characters were to meet with such a dire fate, but we'll have to wait and see how surprising the show will be when it returns.

While Chicago P.D. Season 7 has come to an end, you can look forward to the series returning at some point. Hopefully, this coming fall. In the meantime, this spring’s premieres will have to keep you enraptured.

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