The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons Spent Hours In Makeup To Transform For New Netflix Role

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Since The Big Bang Theory signed off last May on CBS, the cast of the highly-popular sitcom has continued to find new projects. This is especially true for Jim Parsons, who has been incredibly busy since hanging up the role of Sheldon Cooper. But in May, fans will get to see an unrecognizable Parsons in his new role for the upcoming Netflix series Hollywood.

In Hollywood, Jim Parsons takes on the role of Henry Willson, a real-life Hollywood agent who represented some of the biggest stars of the '50s. To play the part, Parsons had to transform into a figure that was quite different from his Big Bang character. Talking about that transformation, Parsons said:

I'd leave the makeup trailer feeling somewhat transformed and a little freer without even knowing it was happening. It ended up being one of the more powerful experiences of my life.

It sounds like Jim Parsons enjoyed taking on a character that allowed him to transform physically. It reportedly required him to spend a lot of time in the make-up chair to change his appearance -- two-and-a-half hours. Fans got their first look at Parsons as Willson in a first look at the Netflix series earlier this month. You can get a pretty great look at his full transformation in the trailer for Hollywood below:

Jim Parsons's comments to Cinema Express seem to indicate that he enjoyed the challenge. Parsons surprised more than a few people when he opted not to renew his contract, which was partially due to a desire to try new things. Now, those unique opportunities have slowly but surely been happening for him. Playing a highly intelligent theoretical physicist on The Big Bang Theory was no walk in the park, but embodying a star-making agent like Henry Wilson appears to have been an entirely different kind of endeavor.

Jim Parsons is far from the first actor to change their look for a role. Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor similarly surprised fans with his transformation into a new character for the second season of Netflix’s You. Like Parsons, Taylor had spent years playing the same role, so you have to think that trying something different after all that time would be refreshing.

Hollywood is one of the many shows that American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy has developed for Netflix. It follows a group of actors as they try to make it in tinsel town following World War II. In addition to Hollywood, Jim Parsons has teamed up with his Big Bang Theory co-star, Mayim Bialik, for a new series (in an off-screen capacity).

Fans will finally get to see how Jim Parsons' diligence paid off when Hollywood premieres on May 1 on Netflix, alongside other major releases. It is among the streaming giant’s 2020 additions. And while you're waiting to see the new series, you can check out this summer’s premieres.

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