How Gotham Star Changed His Look To Be Less Recognizable For Netflix's You Season 2

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Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor is one of the new additions set to hit Season 2 of Netflix’s You. Fans of the actor may have a hard time recognizing him from his days as Gotham’s Oswald when they watch it. Why? Because Taylor is donning a completely different look for the part. To play Will on You, Taylor said goodbye to his trademark black tresses for the role.

It is tough to imagine Robin Lord Taylor without his trademark look. Ever the actor, though, Taylor decided to transform for his intriguing role in Season 2. What did Taylor do to alter his aesthetic as Gotham’s Oswald into You’s Will? Well, it called for a pretty drastic makeover. Taylor told ET:

I literally buzzed off all of that black hair like a couple of weeks before You started.

Talk about dedication! He is not kidding either about the buzz cut. Robin Lord Taylor posted a still of himself in-character as Will in You Season 2, and the new hairstyle leaves him unrecognizable. In the picture, Taylor’s hair has grown in a bit following his drastic cut. Don’t believe me? Check out the image that Taylor posted on Instagram below:

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Interesting! Is Will talking to Joe in this picture? Maybe. Robin Lord Taylor’s Will is one of many new characters set to hit the stage of You Season 2 as Joe makes the major move from New York City to Los Angeles. A familiar face will also make a more prominent turn in the second season. As for Will, Taylor has teased the mysterious role, saying:

He's incredibly good at reading people. He has an intuitiveness and empathy about him that I think he uses very effectively.

Will he be able to see through Joe? That is if the two cross paths, which seems incredibly likely. The teaser trailer indicated that Will and Joe’s lives could mingle in the most sinister way possible. Season 2 premieres on December 26, so fans will not have to wait much longer to find out for sure. Speaking of fans, Robin Lord Taylor had to say about You’s:

From what I hear, the show is pretty popular and people are pretty obsessed with it. So, I would say I'm completely in denial about the entire thing.

Robin Lord Taylor might want to prepare for the pandemonium ahead! You’s popularity soared after it initially aired on Lifetime. It is a phenomenon that its star, Penn Badgley, has weighed in on since. To put its popularity in context, You was the fourth most-watched TV show on Netflix this past year. Netflix has a lot of shows, so that is saying something.

After the show's incredible (in my opinion) first season, Netflix renewed the series for Season 2 as an original series. So, now that it has been made for Netflix’s audience instead of Lifetime’s, there will be some differences between You’s second season and its first. Prepare yourself for that and seeing the scenes that left Penn Badgley nauseous and injured from filming.

As for Robin Lord Taylor’s Will, he could shake You up in a significant way. Described as working with “unsavory” people, Will still may not be prepared for meeting up with Joe. It is important to note that at the end of You’s Season 2 teaser trailer, Joe had his coffee order taken, and he claimed to be named Will. As in the Will?

Fans will have to stay tuned! Check out an unrecognizable Robin Lord Taylor as Will when You Season 2 premieres this winter on December 26 on Netflix. To find your next binge after that, you can look forward to the streaming giant’s 2020 releases.

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