The Flash Brought Back A Major Villain, But What's His Plan?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash Season 6 episode "Liberation." Read at your own risk!

Eva McCulloch's grand plan manifested in The Flash's "Liberation," and her escape came with the help of a key villain that hasn't been seen in some time. No, Reverse-Flash is still gone, but Eva's minions managed to get to Ramsey Rosso and convince him to lend some of his blood to help Eva escape the mirror universe. In exchange he was granted the chance to walk free, which Rosso declined.

In a bizarre twist, The Flash's first big bad of Season 6 stepped right back into his high-tech containment facility as the power switched back on. Ramsey could've dispatched all of Eva's minions without helping and walk out on his own, but he didn't. As for why, he told Mirror Iris that there were other ways for him to escape, and he preferred to play "the long game." He gave Mirror Iris some of that patented blood, and sent her on her way.

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So, what is Bloodwork's long game? The answer may come through how his blood was used, as Mirror Iris threw a chunk of the blood he provided into a mirror. That was enough for Eva McCullough to break free from her Mirror Universe, though it's unclear if all the side effects of this were positive. The Flash has shown Rosso's blood can corrupt and inhabit the mind of an individual, so he could be in the mind of Eva McCullough.

It's worth noting that while most of the blood Ramsey Rosso provided was used to bring back McCullough, there was clearly some left in the vial. Originally, it seemed that Mirror Iris had reserved some so that she could be "alive," which she confessed to Bloodwork as her one true wish when he confronted her. Then Mirror Iris died, so what's going to happen to that remaining bit of blood?

The most obvious answer is that Ramsey Rosso will try to spread his influence through the infection of others while he's still locked away in prison. Of course, with the one person he relied on for this plan dead, there's reason to suspect he's already failed, though the goal might have just been to let his blood escape the facility. That blood will find someone, and with Godspeed coming to Central City next episode, that would be a big win for Rosso if his blood got attached to that.

The downside is Ramsey Rosso's long game may be too long for The Flash to get to before its final episode for the foreseeable future. The last three episodes of Season 6 have not been filmed, though showrunner Eric Wallace is confident the final episodes will be shot when The CW series can go back into production. Fans will have plenty of time to figure out what Bloodwork is up to, and how he'll affect the rest of the season.

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