Why The Masked Singer's Astronaut Doesn't Think Competition Is All About Technical Skills

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 3's Final 6 episode. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer has a rather simple premise, though there have been questions regarding the competition's execution. In an ideal world, the best singers would always advance, and the weakest links would be unmasked. As many have seen that's not always the case, and Season 3's Astronaut Hunter Hayes seems to know why.

Hunter Hayes, who is a contemporary country music star, was eliminated despite having a voice that arguably should've outlasted one or more competitors still in the competition. Hayes didn't seem all that phased by the elimination, and it might have something to do with his belief that success on The Masked Singer is more about individuality than technicality.

Do it and just make sure you're having fun. It is a competition, but the reason that I was really excited about it was that it's not a competition about technicality. It's about individuality. I think that's why it's been such success. That's why I fell in love with it was because it's like no other contest on TV. You have to just go in and have fun with it. That sounds simple, but it's really easy to get caught in the technicalities of dance moves and choreography and staging. But at the end of the day, the times where you just have fun were the times where I felt like I had a chance of moving on to the next round and. I would encourage anybody to do it.

Hunter Hayes may have revealed a major secret to success on The Masked Singer with that statement. Over three seasons, audiences have witnessed legendary singers go home despite far less talented competitors remaining in the competition. While the eliminated competitors' singing may have been superior, many of those weaker singers who did survive to the late stages of the game have shown off their individuality.

Hunter Hayes' comments to EW may be why he was fine with going home, despite being one of the biggest modern music stars The Masked Singer has seen. Of course, it's not like winning The Masked Singer is ultimately a career milestone for all who participate, nor does it lead to anything more than a fancy trophy presented by Nick Cannon. If the stakes were a bit higher, perhaps we'd see more folks like Hayes wondering why the show doesn't put a little more emphasis on ensuring the audience votes for the most talented competitors rather than the most entertaining.

When viewed from Hunter Hayes' perspective, it isn't hard to see why The Masked Singer chose the Frog over his Astronaut. Frog's performance may not have been up to par vocally, but those dance moves were on point. Per Hayes, that really counts for something on The Masked Singer. Probably not enough that Frog will win the competition, but he's gotten much farther than he should've considering which competitors remain.

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