The Masked Singer's White Tiger May Have Already Been Exposed By Commercial

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The Masked Singer Season 3 has only just started, and despite claims the clues would be harder, fans are already using them to make some good guesses on this season's contestants. Of course, this is inevitable when millions of people scour the internet for evidence, which is exactly how I believe I've pegged the identity of the White Tiger. The evidence doesn't come from the show, however, but from a commercial for a product former New England Patriots tight end (and occasional actor) Rob Gronkowski represents.

To set things up a bit, it's best to start with The Masked Singer's premiere. The White Tiger kicked off Season 3 with his performance, which was a serviceable rendition of the Vanilla Ice song "Ice, Ice, Baby." Check out his hook while the DJ revolves it in the video below.

Rob Gronkowski has a very distinct voice, so it wouldn't be surprising if anyone pegged the athlete based on that alone. Celebrity guest judge Jamie Foxx guessed Gronk right off the bat, perhaps tipped off by that, the White Tiger's height, and the "clam shucking" mentions in the clue package that appeared to reference the New England area. Mix all that together with the White Tiger's talk of being a champion, and it seemed like Foxx was headed in the right direction.

Of course, no one can ever be completely sure of a singer's identity until that mask comes off. That is, unless there was an online video that featured the celebrity in question singing a parody of the song they sang on The Masked Singer. As fate would have it, a quick search of Vanilla Ice and Rob Gronkowski has unveiled an advertisement for a teeth whitening system where the athlete is sounding strangely like Season 3's White Tiger.

There's no denying both versions sound incredibly similar, even with changed lyrics. Also, Rob Gronkowski is wearing white in the video, though that may be more tied to the teeth whitening gimmick than his future gig on The Masked Singer a couple years after this video was posted.

If a contestant on The Masked Singer is going to compete, perhaps they shouldn't use a song they've already done elsewhere on the internet. Of course, Rob Gronkowski has dedicated a sizable chunk of his life to football, so it may have been a case of picking a song that he was most comfortable performing given his limited singing (and acting) abilities. That's not to say White Tiger didn't do a great job, but it's doubtful someone would choose Vanilla Ice as their opening song if singing was their forte.

This video might just prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Rob Gronkowski is the White Tiger, which wouldn't be all that surprising to begin with. Gronkowski is currently employed as a studio analyst for NFL on Fox, who has already had one of its own on The Masked Singer in Season 1. For me, the question isn't whether it's Gronk behind the mask; it's whether he'll outlast Terry Bradshaw's run on the program.

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