How The Masked Singer Fans Got One Kitty Clue Totally Wrong

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Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding The Masked Singer Season 3's quarterfinals. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer has unmasked its latest contestant, and surprisingly, there were actually a few viewers surprised. That may have something to do with the fact that one of the clues people grabbed on to was not actually a clue at all, but a misdirect that led some sleuths in a drastically different direction with their guesses.

Those that were really thrown off by the reveal of Jackie Evancho likely had one clue to thank: the Kitty's eyes. Evancho told TVLine that the eyes of her costume had absolutely nothing to do with her character, and elaborated:

No, that was just part of the costume that had absolutely nothing to do with the clues. And it was so funny, watching everyone go, ‘But the two-colored eyes! The two-colored eyes!’ And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘That has nothing to do with it.'

The eyes were a huge misdirect, though in Kitty and The Masked Singer's defense, neither alleged that it was ever a clue to begin with. In the past, costumes have had some ties to the contestants that donned them, which may be why so many were searching for a connection between Kitty's differently colored eyes and another Hollywood celebrity with heterochromia. Now some may feel like the Ken Jeong of the fandom, grasping at straws and guessing based on the tiniest of details.

In hindsight, that may have been foolish for many (myself included) to assume. Season 3 of The Masked Singer alone has already had confirmation from Nick Carter that he was originally intended to be the season's Turtle, but had to pass on the opportunity. The costume may have originally been designed for him, and now there's someone else underneath it that has only a little to do with the Backstreet Boys.

With the Kitty, perhaps the costume was inspired by another celebrity, such as Kate Bosworth. That was a popular choice given her heterochromia matches that of The Masked Singer's Kitty, but now it seems that may have been too obvious of a misdirect. Given the rather obvious clues this show has dropped in the past, however, I can totally see why some people were fooled into thinking the show would put such a big clue in plain sight. Perhaps going forward, we should all be a bit more leery about judging these costumes!

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