Tosh.0 Viral Sensation And Double Rainbow Guy Paul L Vasquez Has Died

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A celebrity of the internet and guest on Comedy Central's internet video variety show Tosh.0 has died. Paul Vasquez, who was known by many across the internet as "Double Rainbow Guy" has passed away at the age of 57. Vasquez passed away in the emergency room of the John C. Fremont hospital in Mariposa County.

As of writing Paul Vasquez cause of death is unknown. Vasquez had posted about health issues to fans on his social media. He noted difficulty breathing and a feeling of sickness, and was tested for COVID-19 on May 5.

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Paul Vasquez's last post to Facebook was on Thursday, May 7, two days before his death. While Vasquez was tested for COVID-19, Variety reported a cause of death had yet to be established by the coroner's office.

As previously mentioned, Paul Vasquez was thrust into the spotlight as one of the early viral stars of YouTube. His "double rainbow" video in which he commented on an odd looking rainbow that appeared outside of his home in Yosemite valley. Viewers fell in love with the video due to the excitement of Vasquez, which led some to believe he was under the influence of drugs.

The video was picked up by late-night television hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, who later invited Paul Vasquez on the show. As mentioned Vasquez also appeared on Tosh.0, in which comedian Daniel Tosh interviewed him and asked about the video. Per that conversation, Vasquez alleged that he was not drugs when referring to the double rainbow. Vasquez had admitted to drug use in the past, but maintained he did not indulge the day of his life-changing video.

Viewers also learned that Paul Vasquez was more than some run of the mill nature dweller emotionally moved by refracted light. Throughout his life Vasquez had done everything from serving as a firefighter for the city of Los Angeles to competing as a cage fighter at King of the Cage events. Vasquez's viral fame led to deals with brands, and Vasquez used his internet fame to promote and provide goods to others who kept up with him over the years.

Though his videos never exceeded the fame of his double rainbow video, Paul Vasquez continued to post on the platform over the years, with videos as current as Monday,  May 11. It's possible these videos were scheduled to upload prior to Vasquez's death, or that someone has continued posting a back log of videos following his passing. While Vasquez is gone, it's possible that through this content and the legacy he's left behind, his spirit will live on for quite some time.

CinemaBlend extends its condolences to the family of Paul Vasquez, and wishes them well during this difficult time.

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