Katy Perry Says New Album Is On The Way

Katy Perry has a new album in the works. She’s put a deadline on herself for the follow-up to the 2010 release Teenage Dream and she’s calling the new endeavor a bit “schizophrenic.” When you hear her songwriting and recording process, you just might agree.

For her newest album, Perry is working with a few of the songwriters she has worked with in the past. These famous names include Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Greg Wells and Bonnie McKee. The 28-year-old also has been collaborating with “Titanium” and “Breathe Me” singer Sia, and when the two get together, Perry tells MTV News it can be pretty difficult to get real work done.

"She makes me laugh more than any human. I can't do vocals because I fry my voice from laughing."

While details are pretty sparse concerning the new album, we do know one of the tracks will be called “Double Rainbow” thanks to a spur-of-the-moment epiphany which led to a melody written by McKee. Perry that her songwriting collaborator was at yoga class when she found the inspiration for the track.

"She came in from a yoga class and said, 'I want to write a song called 'Double Rainbow.’ So we have a song called 'Double Rainbow.'"

Bold and spontaneous decision-making aside, Perry is hard at work on the album, having given her record label a deadline for when she wants the album released. She also has a lot to live up to with this newest endeavor, since the last one managed to create numerous #1 hits and an infamous cupcake dress. We’ll see if she follows through with an interview she gave in 2012 stating she wants to write music with “more depth.” I’m guessing that won’t include “Double Rainbow.”

Jessica Rawden
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