What Mark Hamill Thinks About Disney+'s The Mandalorian

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(Image credit: LucasFilm Ltd. / Disney)

Have you ever wondered what Mark Hamill thinks about Disney+’s The Mandalorian? George Lucas’ sentiments on the live-action Star Wars series have been shared and Lucas even gave executive producer Jon Favreau some good advice about it. So, what does Hamill make of it? The original Star Wars star has thoughts on the Disney+ show too.

Mark Hamill shared his thoughts, saying this to EW:

I think they have a wonderful advantage on The Mandalorian in that it's economical storytelling. They don't have the burden of delivering a gigantic special effects extravaganza like the films had to do. It sort of gets back to the basics of George envisioning it as a western in space. It has that tone of a Sergio Leone Western. I'm very impressed with it and to me, a very smart move on their part because you can't keep trying to top… It's like the superhero movies that have to deliver these gargantuan epics. And with The Mandalorian, they can concentrate more on the characters and the storytelling. I think it's excellent.

Somewhat surprisingly, Mark Hamill did not name-check Baby Yoda in his take on The Mandalorian. Someone, please send Hamill some Baby Yoda breakfast cereal! Perhaps that will be what it takes for Hamill to feel the full force of the pop culture superstar. Of course, there are other aspects to the Disney+ series than Baby Yoda, so Hamill has lots to discuss.

Far from having Baby Yoda on the brain, Mark Hamill’s answer centered more around the low-key nature of The Mandalorian. Hamill cites the Disney+ show as going back to George Lucas-esque basics with a Western-style approach to its storytelling and aesthetic as it follows its title character. Hamill points out the advantage of going in this direction instead of the films' special effects mayhem.

It sounds like Mark Hamill thinks The Mandalorian will be able to avoid the pitfalls of trying to outdo itself with special effects. Instead, Hamill believes the Disney+ series is primed to focus on its characters and the storytelling that surrounds them. The world is currently waiting to see if Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ahsoka Tano joins both of those equations on The Mandalorian.

I would say that it is a pretty good sign that The Mandalorian got a glowing review from Mark Hamill. He has been in the Star Wars universe since it began and has an excellent handle on the franchise as a whole. Hamill parted ways with it as Luke Skywalker not too long ago, so his Star Wars run has been a considerable one.

Mark Hamill has said he will not be playing Luke Skywalker again. So, does this mean he would be unwilling to do a little or not-so-little guest spot on The Mandalorian? It would be pretty amazing to see Hamill and Baby Yoda in a scene together, even if Hamill is somehow not playing Luke Skywalker.

There will be more of The Mandalorian to come. For now, fans can set their sights on the questions that The Mandalorian left in the wake of its first season.

You can watch Mark Hamill take his final bow as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker via Disney+. As for The Mandalorian, it will return for a second season after this summer’s premieres during October 2020.

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