Entourage Star Now Feels 'Embarrassed' By Role In The Show

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Entourage became an iconic HBO series during its eight seasons on the airwaves, and it built enough of a following that an Entourage feature film premiered years after the original series finale. One memorable character was Shauna Roberts, Vince's brutally honest publicist serving as his West Coast mother. Played by Debi Mazar, Shauna didn't mince words and had the HBO freedom to use whatever popped to mind. Now, Mazar has shared that she's embarrassed by her role on Entourage.

The series came to an end in 2011, and Debi Mazar would reprise her role for the Entourage feature film in 2015. Even though Shauna is one of her longest-running and probably most iconic roles of her entire career, Mazar doesn't think back fondly on some of her dialogue. Speaking with PeopleTV, Mazar said:

Shauna was a lot of fun to play, but I was kind of, almost like embarrassed by my dialogue, because I curse, and I obviously have the ability to be a complete trash mouth, but some of the things I would say would completely make me blush.

Debi Mazar did explicitly note that she had fun playing Shauna, and Shauna was dropping F-bombs throughout her run as a series regular on Entourage. That said, even though she referred to herself as somebody able to "be a complete trash mouth," some of her lines as Shauna were embarrassing enough to make her blush.

Entourage was a hit for HBO, and not many shows are lucky enough to run for eight seasons, let alone launch a feature film several years after going off the air. Debi Mazar notably didn't knock the show, which was arguably her biggest TV role before she joined the cast of Younger in 2015. That said, she did respond to one of the common criticisms of Entourage.

Asked about what drew her to her character on a show that was criticized by some for less-than-complimentary portrayals of women, Debi Mazar shared:

With TV, you don't know what they're gonna write. I took a job to make money... That set was very testosterone-driven and misogynistic, and there was days where it was hard. But then I would just go into Shauna mode and go, 'You know what, fuck you. Bye.' At the end of the day, my job is to deliver, and that's what I do.

Debi Mazar certainly did deliver as Shauna and became an unforgettable part of Entourage, but her descriptions of the set indicate that she didn't have a 100% easy time working as Shauna. She's not the first actress to publicly address what the Entourage process was like, as Community and GLOW star Alison Brie shared that she was asked to take off her top while auditioning for a minor role on the show.

Entourage seems unlikely to return following the 2015 movie, but you can find Debi Mazar as Shauna with all eight seasons of the show streaming on HBO Now. For more of Mazar, you can catch all six seasons of Younger streaming on Hulu now. Be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule for some upcoming viewing options.

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