The 100 Needs To Kill Off A Major Character After Latest Episode

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Spoilers ahead for the June 10 episode of The 100 Season 7, called "Hesperides."

The seventh and final season of The 100 continued with "Hesperides," and the episode delivered enough twists and ended on enough of a cliffhanger that there need to be some serious consequences. In fact, I would argue that The 100 needs to kill off a major character. "Hesperides" was split between two arcs: Hope and Co. attempting to escape Penance, and Clarke and Co. trying to find Penance and reunite with their friends. By the end of the hour, no fewer than nine notable characters joined Bellamy, Octavia, and Diyoza in uncertain fates and possible death.

If The 100 is going to build a sense of danger to keep viewers on the edges of our seats, then The 100 needs to prove that plot armor doesn't apply and the good guys (such as they are) can die. The show is ending, so people can and really should start to die. I'm not suggesting that The 100 pulls a Game of Thrones Red Wedding and kills a big chunk of the cast in the next episode, and I'm not even saying that one of the biggest players should bite the dust soon. Just... somebody.

Here's who is at risk or unknown as of the end of "Hesperides," and what could happen next:


Bellamy has been MIA ever since Bob Morley's brief appearance in the Season 7 premiere. While he is coming back at some point, Bellamy's absence to accommodate Morley's request for time off has kept him off-screen so far, while Echo fights to reunite with him. Octavia and Diyoza are still missing as well, having been taken (presumably to the same place as Bellamy) via a wormhole from Penance. Oddly, after the events of "Hesperides," I'm guessing that the three missing characters are the safest.

As for Echo, Hope, and Gabriel, they spent five years on Penance with the prisoner Orlando, who helped them but was ultimately betrayed by them. Despite their promise to try and avoid killing the people who came to retrieve Orlando from Penance, Echo killed them all out of her drive to find Bellamy. Echo, Hope, and Gabriel took the high-tech suits of the Disciples to travel to the next world; Orlando was left behind and killed himself.

Their fates are unknown, and at least one could definitely die. I'm guessing Hope is safe, whereas I could see The 100 going for the tragedy of Echo's battle to find Bellamy ending in her death. Gabriel is arguably the most disposable, as he's a major character in Season 7 but not one of the characters who has been around long enough for viewers to get too attached. Of this trio, I think the most likely to die is Gabriel.

Clarke's group in the "Hesperides" cliffhanger was the largest, so it may be the one most likely to be trimmed down via a death or deaths. After getting their hands on one of Disciple suits that enables invisibility as well as traveling via Anomaly Stones, they were able to kill some Disciples, pick a planet, and go into the unknown to try and find Bellamy and their other missing friends.

Five of them decided to go through together, and unfortunately, they wound up on a desolate, snowy planet with no Anomaly Stone in sight. Clarke, Raven, Miller, Jordan, and Niylah are stuck on a planet that seems barely habitable, with no visible resources and no apparent way out. Obviously The 100 isn't going to kill off this whole group in one fell swoop, but I think now is a good time to start worrying about Niylah and Miller in particular.

While I do think that Raven's odds of eventually dying are pretty good after the events of the previous episode, she's still too valuable to die at this point, and I don't see Clarke perishing short of the series finale either. Jordan is a symbol of hope as Monty and Harper's son, but Niylah and Miller's strongest suits are combat. I'm not saying that makes them expendable, but The 100 wouldn't come to a standstill without one or both of them. I'm more worried about Miller myself, but that might be because I'm just more attached to him as one of the relatively few characters still standing from Season 1.

But what about Gaia? Well, she promised Clarke that she would stay behind at Sanctum to take care of Madi and warn the rest about the Disciples, but Clarke's group had barely left before Gaia was attacked by a Disciple, who began to power down the Anomaly Stone. Gaia tried to stop him, and the struggle knocked both of them into the wormhole of the Anomaly Stone before it shut down.

They didn't pop out onto the frozen planet where Clarke was, so Gaia is definitely one to worry about. Assuming she and the Disciple survived wherever they wound up, she still traveled somewhere with no ally, and not even a protective suit like the Disciple. She's not an expert fighter like others, and might not fare too well without her friends in an unfamiliar place.

Her disappearance also means bad things for the people of Sanctum, since she wasn't able to warn them. Even though Murphy, Emori, Indra, Madi, and the rest didn't end "Hesperides" in immediate jeopardy like the others, they're in danger too! Well, The 100 has never been for the faint of heart. Even if The 100 doesn't kill off a major character after "Hesperides" like I feel it should, death is surely on the way before the end of the series.

Find out what happens next on The 100 with the next new episode, airing Wednesday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Called "Welcome to Bardo," the episode will showcase Octavia as she gets to know a whole new world, while Murphy and Emori face life back in Sanctum. If you're still looking for TV options other than The 100, be sure to check out our 2020 summer TV premiere schedule!

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