Why The 100 Could Give Bellamy And Octavia A Happy Ending After All

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Spoilers ahead for the May 27 episode of The 100 Season 7, called "The Garden."

The final season of The 100 continued with "The Garden" to spend the full hour on the Anomaly plot, although split between two timelines. In the past, Octavia and Diyoza raised Hope while Octavia fought to get back to Bellamy from the beautiful prison world they were stuck in. In the present, Echo, Gabriel, and Hope continued to try and find a way to reunite with Bellamy. Unfortunately, the closest Octavia got to Bellamy was sending a message in a bottle after 10 years before being taken by bad guys, while Bellamy is still missing. That said, I'm now leaning toward both Blake siblings getting a happy ending.

Let's start with Octavia.

Octavia has had one of the wildest journeys of The 100 characters, and that's saying something from this show. In fact, it's almost hard to believe that the character who debuted as the girl under the floor has adapted to get as far as she has.

As the years passed during "The Garden," Octavia's journey went in a softer direction as she had nothing to do other than help Diyoza raise Hope, and helping with Hope led Octavia to finally understand why Bellamy was the way he was about protecting her. She even used her big brother's trick to try and calm baby Hope, as he'd done for her all those years ago.

Octavia found a way to be happy with the little family, despite losing all hope of reuniting with her brother and accidentally alerting their enemies to their location via her message in a bottle. Even now that she's back in danger, Octavia's growth surely won't be undone. After all, what was only an hour of TV to viewers was ten years of Octavia's life due to the timeline discrepancies. The end of the episode was quite literally Hopeless for Octavia, but some comments from Marie Avgeropoulos give me hope for some Blake sibling happiness.

Speaking with EW, Marie Avgeropoulos teased what's in store for Octavia in the series finale:

I read [the script] the day before we shot the finale. But what I can say about Octavia's ending is I'm very pleased that finally the audience is going to see something from her that they haven't quite seen before. And ultimately I think Octavia deserves that ending after everything she's been through.

Now, if the actress had made these comments while Octavia was in one of her darker and more murderous phases, saying that Octavia gets the ending she "deserves" might point toward some kind of punishment for her misdeeds. Since Octavia has reformed and come to love and care for Hope just like Bellamy came to love and care for her, I don't think that Octavia deserves a tragic ending. She has changed! At the very least, I hope she lives long enough to reunite with Bellamy.

So, why do I think an episode that didn't feature Bob Morley and dealt with some bigger problems than Bellamy's disappearance means that he's in for a happy ending? Well, I'm inclined to think that if Octavia gets a happy ending, Bellamy has to also get a happy ending. After all, would either sibling really be genuinely satisfied if something awful happened to the other?

Bob Morley is going to return to the action on The 100 after taking some episodes off as well, so viewers shouldn't expect Bellamy to be killed off as soon as he's back on screen. Maybe I'm just feeling too hopeful because we're only a couple episodes into the final season and The 100 hasn't gotten too grisly yet, but when I think ahead to a deserving ending for the Blake siblings, I don't imagine something unbearably tragic.

Could I be wrong? Of course. Still, I'm intrigued by Octavia's story more than I have been in years, and the mystery of what happened to Bellamy actually interests me more than what's happening in Clarke's plot at the moment. A lot can happen between now and the end of the series, however. New episodes of The 100 air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For some viewing options elsewhere in the lineup, be sure to swing by our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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