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Blindspot's Weller Twist Confirms It's Time For The Team To Move Again

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Blindspot's Season 5 episode "Head Games." Read at your own risk!

Kurt Weller went through hell and back in the latest Blindspot, and while he ended up okay by the episode's end, he may have jeopardized the safety of the FBI team. Madeline Burke's latest minion drugged Weller after his kidnapping and attempted to pull answers out of him while he hallucinated them as people from his past. Thankfully, minus one small slip-up, she was unsuccessful in learning their location.

The problem is any one slip-up puts the FBI team that much closer to being discovered, which is bad news. Last time the Blindspot team's safe house was discovered, Reade was killed in a drone strike. A drone strike or strike team could get dispatched to their bunker very soon, though Jane explained there is some safety considering Europe has "hundreds" of bunkers.

Weller screwed the team over a little, but really, it was a collaborative effort between him and Rich. While Kurt was getting tortured, Rich, Patterson (whose first name was revealed earlier this season) , and Zapata were trying to save Jane's life after she had been shot. They had the equipment to perform surgery and remove the bullet inside her, but needed blood for Jane to have any chance at surviving surgery. Zapata was ruled out as a donor when she was forced to reveal her pregnancy to Patterson and Jane, but Rich said he knew a blood guy and rushed off to find him.

Rich found his blood guy, and while he ultimately saved Jane's life, his blood guy isn't the best secret keeper. Soon after the Blindspot team had a warm reunion, the bunker elevator started moving. The team pulled out their guns, but were advised not to shoot by a familiar face fans may remember as Ice Cream.

Ice Cream wasn't asking the team not to shoot because he was there to make peace though. He and his crew had devices linked to their hearts that would ping their locations if they died. It was a way to extort the Blindspot team, and help repay a debt that will be covered in the next episode "Fire & Brimstone."

When Ice Cream, the Icelandic fixer, returns to collect his debt, the team is forced into a life-and-death race around the world to solve a series of puzzles and recover the infamous stolen Gardner paintings.

The good news is the team will get to leave the bunker. The bad news is this art heist may attract more unwanted attention with Burke, though they don't really have a choice in participating thanks to Ice Cream. Perhaps this will work out for the best, and Weller and the team will find another location in helping settle the score with Ice Cream? Here's hoping, because personally, I'd rather not see another team member die after their safe house is blown.

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