Blindspot: Zapata's Second-Guessing May Cost The Team After Some Close Calls

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Blindspot episode "Existential Ennui." Read at your own risk!

Blindspot's drama is only getting messier as the FBI team isn't any closer to bringing down Madeline Burke and she's only gaining power. What's more is that the team is only just holding it together, with a botched mission nearly costing them another life towards the episode's start. It ultimately fell apart due to Zapata's "bad feeling," which could burn the team again down the stretch in Season 5.

A mission went south for Zapata, Jane, and Kurt, and as Blindspot later revealed, it was largely due to Zapata. Zapata was supposed to cover Kurt in the originally discussed plan, but at the last minute, began to feel out of sorts and tried to abort the mission. Unfortunately the team's comms were cut, so Kurt ended up getting pinned by gunfire with no backup. All three ended up making it back safe at separate times, but Jane was forced to take a hostage they wouldn't have taken had the mission gone on as planned.

That Dabbur Zann hostage ended up being a much bigger deal than the Blindspot team thought, and tried to make an escape from the bunker they were all in. The team made it so he couldn't escape, but was then forced to try and find him before he found a way to take any of them out. Zapata suggested they wait for him to surface by staying in the room they were all in, but was quickly shot down as everyone else agreed they didn't have time for that.

The team went on the hunt, and while they had a slight jump on their terrorist hostage, Zapata froze again. The Blindspot character was held at knife point, and could very well have been another surprise exit had Kurt not gotten a perfect shot on the terrorist right between the eyes. Zapata walked away unscathed, and was finally forced to confront the fact that she's not okay.

Zapata later confided in Jane that she was aware something was wrong, and that she hadn't felt right since Reade's death in the Blindspot premiere. It's understandable because she lost the person she was closest to on the team, though she's now realizing that things are as real as they've ever been. They're all in very real danger, and the weight of having to make a call that could cost someone their life is really hitting her at the moment.

It was good of Zapata to open up like that and make Jane (who shared similar thoughts she has had) aware of it, but Blindspot fans have to be worried about her going forward. Her hesitation may be an arc Season 5 revisits in these final episodes, and it feels there's going to be a gut check moment for her coming up. When it's time for Zapata to respond, will she step up to the plate, or will another moment of hesitation cost her or someone else their life?

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