Blindspot's Zapata Just Dropped A Major Bombshell, So What's Next?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers on the Blindspot episode "And My Axe!" Read at your own risk.

Blindspot showed something was very off with Tasha Zapata in its last episode, as the agent's moments of inaction almost cost both the team and herself when it was time to act. Zapata revealed it was largely due to her thoughts on Reade's death, but this week showed that's not the whole story. Turns out Zapata is pregnant, and yes, Reade is the father.

It was a bittersweet reveal to be sure, as Blindspot viewers instantly realized Reade will never know his child and vice versa. It also explained a bit about why Zapata was so shaken up the episode prior, though I'll say the death of her lover Reade was certainly enough. Knowing Tasha's pregnant as well certainly made it surprising she's even holding on as well as she has, and made her ability to battle through that hesitation in "And My Axe" so much more impressive and an applause-worthy moment.

The question is: what's next after this? Zapata only told the news of her pregnancy to Rich, and he was sworn to secrecy until she was ready to tell the rest of the team. Not even Patterson could get the news out of him, though her prying makes it seem like he could spill the beans before long. The news will come out eventually, though Zapata may get a brief reprieve from having to share the news following this episode's surprising end.

The good news is that the episode's end shifted the story away from Zapata enough she may be able to keep her pregnancy under wraps. The bad news is that Jane took a bullet to the stomach, and Weller was kidnapped by Madeline's people. The current situation is laid out quite perfectly in a synopsis for next week's "Head Games," which shows just how quickly things have gone downhill for the team.

When Jane is shot and Weller is kidnapped, the team must fight to save both of their lives while maintaining the secrecy of their hidden base; meanwhile, Weller is haunted by some dark ghosts from Blindspot's past.

To put things in perspective, Weller, Jane, and Zapata just ran the FBI team's last field mission. Now it's up to Zapata to either act with an injured Jane, or figure out a way to get Weller out of his situation to give the FBI team any shot at taking more steps forward to clear their names. Blindspot fans can only hope for the best, though I suspect that even though the chips are down, Zapata and the rest of the team will find a way to get Weller back without losing another one of their own.

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