Wait, Did Rick And Morty Reveal Who The Real Beth Clone Was After The Season 4 Finale?

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Rick and Morty fans might be waiting on Season 5 for a while (though possibly not as long as past waits have been), but at least its Season 4 finale gave viewers a lot to think about in the interim, from all those Star Wars references to its touching easter egg referencing a late producer. The finale also gave viewers a huge update to the Beth clone plotline, and though it wisely kept the truth a mystery even from Rick himself, it appears the answer has been revealed.

Rather than offering up a hard confirmation during the actual Season 4 finale, it appears Rick and Morty decided to give fans the real answer to Beth's clone mystery via the mobile video game Pocket Mortys. The game's most recent update, which obviously got instituted after the season finale aired, delivered a new character with quite the spoilery distinction. Check it out below.

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As interesting as the "Beth's Pet Morty" and "Rick's Pet Morty" additions are, we're obviously talking about the "Beth's Clone" character here. Judging by the Pocket Mortys tweet that this was revealed it (as well as the game itself, of course), it would appear as if the show is taking the stance that the Space Beth character is the true clone, while Earth Beth is the true iteration of Rick's daughter. That scenario is probably how a lot of fans came away from the episode anyway, since it's the least complicated option to go with.

Of course, plenty of Rick and Morty fans out there would prefer to embrace the more chaotic and complex version of events, which would be the reveal that Season 4 actually gave fans the cloned version of Beth this whole time. Granted, it's only more chaotic when it comes to theorizing, since both Beths made it clear in the finale itself that they don't even care who's who, since they're happy with themselves. That's more than Rick could say about his own self-value, too, considering the episode left off with a dejected Rick alone in his garage. (Well, it actually ended with Invisible Garbage Truck Jerry, but that's a story for another time.)

Let's remember to take into consideration that Pocket Mortys is not necessarily 100% tied to the canon continuity of the Adult Swim series. Thus, the fact that it refers to Space Beth as the "Clone" may not fully represent the ideals of co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, even though they likely have some kind of creative control over who and what gets implemented into the mobile game. In its tweeted message about the update, the Pocket Mortys account even stated this: "We may never know who the real Beth is."

To be sure, though, the "real" Beth is presumably still on Dimension C-137, living it up with Jerry and Summer while hunting down Cronenbergs. So that version being a clone wasn't really up for debate. Well, I guess everything in this show is up for debate at this point. Such as the idea that we are all Evil Mortys.

In a behind-the-scenes episode that came out following the release of "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri," co-creator Dan Harmon helped explain the impetus of revealing the true story behind Rick's cloning conundrum. And during it, he seemingly gave away his own true feelings about which Beth was the true version. Here's what he said about Earth Beth:

For a while, we were content to not know whether she was or wasn’t. I always felt like, ‘Yeah, she’s a clone, which means that there’s a Beth out there. Let’s meet her.'

Obviously this is a debate that could (and possibly will) go on and on, since the Rick and Morty creative team set it up so that there likely won't be any fully articulated solutions laid out in the TV show itself. But all it will take is for some background art in a Rick and Morty comic book to feature a vague hint that Space Beth is the original version, and fans will fully overthrow the Pocket Mortys reveal. Let us know in the poll below which Beth you think is the clone.

Rick and Morty Season 4 is over with, obviously, but fans can stream the season finale in full on Adult Swim. The first three seasons are available on both Hulu and HBO Max. While waiting to hear more about Season 5, check out our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule to see what's on the way.

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