How Doom Patrol’s Dorothy Spinner Will Affect The Team In Season 2

doom patrol season 2 dorothy spinner

Doom Patrol’s Season 1 finale introduced Dorothy Spinner, Niles Caulder’s very powerful daughter. However, while viewers only glimpsed the back of her head at the time, it was clear she would have a much bigger role in Season 2. Recently, Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver revealed exactly how Dorothy will affect the team, in particular, in Season 2.

Still salty because they went full-on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the Doom Patrol didn’t immediately warm up to Dorothy Spinner. To be fair, it was mostly due to the fact that they were still mad at her dad for betraying their trust and ruining their lives, not to mention all their own personal issues they had yet to resolve. Compared with the rest of the crew, Dorothy had a different outlook on life despite having her own dark past. So how will her character impact the rest of the team? Here’s what Jeremy Carver told Collider:

One of the big things that Dorothy brings is that, despite her brightness and her optimism, she has suffered no less trauma than anyone else in that house, but despite that, she’s one of the few members of this family that can wake up with a smile on her face. That only calls into question for the adults, ‘If this kid can keep it together, how come I can’t?’, and it really forces them to face some of the things that are preventing them to move on in their lives. But when you say that Dorothy can’t grow up, I would put a pin in that assumption, and wait to see what comes.

It’s true. Just because Dorothy’s been 11-years-old for nearly a century, that doesn’t mean she won’t grow up. She’s been locked up for decades, hidden from the world with only her imaginary friends as company, and I’m sure there’s a lot of unresolved issues she’ll have to face as well.

That said, it sounds like Dorothy’s own outlook on life will force the rest of the Doom Patrol to take a hard look at themselves. Jane, Rita, Cliff, Larry, and Cyborg have all been going through the motions for a long time, but Doom Patrol Season 2 may finally help them figure things out. If Dorothy can change them for the better and help them “move on with their lives,” then I’m all for it. Bring on the angst!

What’s more, Dorothy’s presence in Season 2 also showcases a different side to Niles Caulder, who's been aloof and calculated in the time viewers have known him. In wanting to protect his daughter, Niles “has been awakened” to the fact that the Doom Patrol has suffered because of him. So, as you can see, Dorothy’s introduction is doing wonders for Doom Patrol’s core relationships.

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Mae Abdulbaki