Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 7

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer episode "The Universe Is Indifferent." Read at your own risk!

Shit is getting real on Snowpiercer and, if I'm being entirely honest, I didn't quite expect it. The revolution seems to be right around the corner, and there are still three episodes to go in Season 1. I'm grateful this show has not once taken its foot off the gas since the premiere, but I have more questions now than ever before in light of all Snowpiercer's unpredictable moments.

There's just so much that happened on "The Universe Is Indifferent" that is worthy of discussions and speculations, and I've covered a lot of it below. Here's what I'm thinking about after Episode 7, and why I'm a little mad at Josie even though she's likely dead.

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Would Ruth Really Take Over For Melanie?

Right now, I think all viewers are aware that the Snowpiercer's inner workings would be a real shitshow if it wasn't for Melanie Cavill. As the real Mr. Wilford, she's the problem solver and master engineer, even if the residents of the train think she's just Wilford's mouthpiece. Judging by the cold exchange between Melanie and Ruth at the end, I believe the show is indicating that Ruth is having thoughts about taking her coworker's job if the Folgers can swing it, though I think she'd balk at subbing for Melanie if she actually knew the whole story.

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Why Didn't Josie Use The Freezing Device On Melanie?

Snowpiercer seemed to show the death of Josie tonight, and while I would normally be leery of buying into an off-screen death, Melanie exiting that frozen room appeared seemingly made things as open and closed as it gets. It was a devastating death, though I can't help but feel some anger over Josie's failed opportunity to freeze Melanie's head off when choking her with the device's tube. The switch was right there, and Josie could've taken Melanie out with ease! I obviously understand why it didn't happen for the sake of the narrative, but maybe the scene could've been handled just a bit differently, so that it wasn't so obvious that Josie missed such a golden opportunity.

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Will Zarah Feel The Wrath Of The Tail?

With Josie supposedly dead, and Layton rallying the tail and third class for revolution, one has to wonder what will happen to Zarah. She sold out Josie to Melanie in front of the whole back car, and while she was basically threatened to go through with it, the Tailees were furious to see one of their former comrades become a traitor. I would think she'll be in some danger if she happens to cross paths with any of the Tailees soon, so hopefully Layton will be there to intervene and keep her out of harm's way.

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Has Melanie Lost Control Of The Train?

Melanie is still running things at the end of Snowpiercer's seventh episode, but I think it's more than fair to add "only barely" to that. Unrest is now coming from all classes within the train, and she just had to murder Layton's love interest in a life-or- death situation. Melanie looked cold and calm at the end, but what she should really be feeling is fear and anxiety. Everything is spiraling out of control, and given all her insiders, I find it hard to believe she doesn't already know that a revolt is coming.

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Melanie's Secret Has To Come Out Soon, Right?

If Layton was hoping Melanie's secret would stay under wraps until he had more time to prepare, he probably shouldn't have confided in LJ Folger. I think Layton probably knows she'll drop that knowledge the first chance she gets, however, which is precisely why he chose to tell her, despite their past together. Plus, other characters are in on the news by now, so I can't imagine Melanie will make it through another episode without being exposed as the actual Mr. Wilford.

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Can LJ Be Trusted?

Even if the overarching goal is to let the train know the Mr. Wilford secret as soon as possible, I'm still pretty nervous about Layton letting LJ in on Melanie's alter ego. LJ is the real wildcard of Snowpiercer, and while she would probably love a revolution to mix things up, she's just a fan of chaos in general. I could see her playing along with the tail and third class, only to stir the pot even further in unexpected way down the line. Bringing LJ into all this was a bad move if you ask me, but no one did, so I'll just sit on this thought until I'm right.

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Who Will Control The Train If There's A Revolution?

A potential team-up between the tail and third class would make for a solid revolution aboard the Snowpiercer, but is that a better bet for victory than the first class with the power of Commander Grey and the Jackboots? It's hard to say, especially with the second class still up in the air on where they'd fall in a conflict. Given the tension between Bess and Jinju, I'd wager the second class would skew mostly in favor of maintaining class hierarchy, which would pair them with the first. I also keep wondering how this train will keep moving if everyone is fighting and no one is actually working, which has me pondering if anyone will be in charge of the train by the time this is over.

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Can The Train Survive Without Melanie?

Everyone seems intent on bringing down Melanie Cavill, though not one person has stopped to audibly consider the impact of doing so. Even Layton, who sussed out she's been operating as Mr. Wilford, doesn't fully realize how integral she is to keeping this train running, not to mention the day-to-day decisions she has to make to keep everyone alive. I think it's clear that neither side of this upcoming revolution can handle a train crisis nearly as well as she can, and major problems will surface if either side gets rid of her entirely.

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Can Layton Be The Leader He Needs To Be?

Andre Layton is the incredibly clever hero of this show, and he often gets results. I should remind everyone, though, that even when he was in the tail, he wasn't considered a definitive leader.  so I find it hard to believe he's up for the challenge of running the entire train if he comes out on top. Leading a revolution is one thing, but maintaining order afterward and starting the new normal will be something else entirely.

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