Big Brother Fans Aren't Happy About Getting Trolled So Hard By Dan Gheesling

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The latest Big Brother news has arrived, and for those who may be out of the loop, it's looking like a July premiere date may be more or less off the table. The recent report was shocking to fans, who had been led to believe by several prominent players and spoiler accounts that some big news regarding Season 22 was just around the corner. Show legend Dan Gheesling was one of the folks teasing a major announcement, and is now feeling some of the heat of that.

After weeks of teases and a recent absence from his Twitch channel, Dan Gheesling promised viewers he would have a big announcement for them on Sunday. Subscribers and Big Brother fans arrived at the scheduled time for his big news, only to watch a trailer for the upcoming content he planned for his Twitch channel. After the trailer had finished, Dan appeared (via Twitter) and squashed the news that he had left to sequester for Season 22 as he allowed the fans to believe.

I've got nothing but love for the Big Brother community and you guys know that, I'm glad everyone had some fun in the speculation. On my end it was all in good fun, and you know I don't want to leave you like that. I'm sure there are some people who are disappointed, I'm sure there are people that are laughing right now...this wasn't the intention, but as things started to snowball...either you feel really angry or you're laughing. That's probably the closest I can get to how you would feel if we were playing in the house together and the moment hits. And you're like 'Oh I would never be a bitter jury.' How you feel right now is an indication of if you would [be] or not.

Dan Gheesling went on to confirm that he would not be playing in Big Brother Season 22, and will be watching the fun at home with the fans and doing live streams with former players. All the teasing wasn't an outright lie, but it certainly was trolling considering Gheesling knew he had the eyes of the Big Brother fandom watching his every move. As Gheesling said, he expected some fans were mad, and indeed they were.

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Some people chose to be, as Dan Gheesling may say, "bitter members of the jury," and didn't appreciate the Big Brother Season 10 winner using the chaos and speculation as an avenue of self-promotion. Some fans were hurt and made it known on Twitter.

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The troll itself may have been hurtful, but I believe the followup that Dan Gheesling said he would not be involved in Season 22 of Big Brother may have made it all sting a bit more. Dan is a beloved player of Big Brother, and many had gotten so excited at the prospect of him appearing that they may have let that cloud their judgment in determining whether he was pranking them or not.

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Then there's the crowd that's skeptical of Dan Gheesling's latest news altogether. Whether it's because of the news coming out that Big Brother Season 22 likely won't happen until August or the fact that he already lied to them once and got away with it, some are speculating it's still possible he'll be on the upcoming season.

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Dan Gheesling could be lying, though I'm skeptical of that line of thinking considering he just announced his streaming schedule for the rest of summer. I think fans should prepare for the likelihood that he won't be a part of Big Brother's alleged all-star season.

Big Brother is said to be in pre-production and is still on track for a summer release on CBS. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates happening with the series, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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