Popular Big Brother Players Spotted In The Wild As Fans Question Sequester Rumors

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We're approaching a full month of constant and unfounded rumors about Big Brother Season 22 but, despite that, fans thought they had a solid narrative constructed. Though CBS hadn't confirmed anything, it seemed like most contestants of the all-star season had been contacted and were in sequester in preparation for a mid to late July start date of the season.

A couple of days ago, however, some credible news surfaced that CBS had only just started preliminary production on the Big Brother house and was waiting on union and guild approval to begin filming. It was also reported that casting had not been locked down, which threw a few for a loop. It was only a little before this news that former players were stepping away from social media or teasing they know who is in sequester. Were the rumors false, or did things change?

It's hard to say, but hard to refute, players are in anything like that considering several popular players have been spotted out in the wild as of late. Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie was spotted on the beach (via Reddit) with Jack Matthews and Season 20 competitor Brett Robinson. Though none of the above were heavily rumored to appear, Brett was considered by many to be a wish list competitor for an all-star season. The news that he may not be involved could be upsetting to some.

Even heavily-rumored Season 22 competitors like Paul Abrahamian were out and about during the holiday weekend. If this is indeed an all-star season, it's hard not to imagine he's not a part of it. So was the news of sequester ever real? Moreover, if the news of sequester wasn't real, why did so many former players temporarily go dark on social media?

Also, why did so many spoiler accounts and former players reveal information that, in hindsight, looks as if it could be completely bogus? I think there's a gut instinct to assume everyone was just spreading false rumors, though it may just be the situation has changed. A hundred things can change behind the scenes of production under normal circumstances. But add in COVID-19 and the discussions being had can change by the hour.

I think it's true some of the rumored information before Deadline's update was valid, but I think in regards to any start date, fans should trust that information. The highlights being that pre-production has only just started, there are plans for a season sometime this summer, but nothing can move forward until guilds and unions will sign off on the production. There has also been no word on casting, which may explain why no one is in sequester yet. So, for now, breathe easy and accept that we don't know anything until some form of an announcement from CBS!

Big Brother Season 22 is said to be planned for this summer on CBS. Stick with CinemaBlend to stay on top of what's happening with the reality series, and for the latest happening in television and movies.

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