Big Brother's Casting Director Sends Cryptic Tweet, What Does It Mean For Season 22?

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The struggle to learn about any and all details regarding Season 22 of Big Brother is real, and fans are latching onto whatever details the can get from anyone who may be in the know about what's going on. Whether that's a solid strategy remains to be seen, especially after the CBS series' casting director Robyn Kass dropped a cryptic tweet on everyone.

Kass was on Twitter Sunday afternoon, and for reasons no one can understand at the moment, tweeted out a bizarre hashtag referencing a holiday.

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This isn't always the case, but when someone working a key position on fan-obsessed television shows tweets out something that seems nonsensical, it's likely a clue for something they're working on. So, what exactly does this Groundhog Day hashtag quartet have to do with Big Brother Season 22? Here are some theories so far about this tweet, which could be a major key to some upcoming information on the reality show.

The July Theory

As everyone knows, Groundhog Day happens on February 2nd, or 2/2. There have been rumors that Big Brother is planning for a mid-to-late-July return, so Robyn Kass might have been vague-tweeting that the show will return on July "22." That said, the 2/2 date could also be code for Season 22 being the upcoming season. So just keep that in mind before putting too much weight into this theory's logic.

The 2021 Theory

It's the nightmare theory that no Big Brother fan wants to hear, but it's a possibility we must all accept. Since Groundhog Day 2020 has already passed, the theory here is that Big Brother Season 22 may not be planning its premiere until Groundhog Day 2021. I personally wouldn't put a ton of stock in this theory, given CBS would presumably be airing some of its marquee midseason programming during that time period. However, if scripted TV productions need to shut down again after getting underway, the delays may open up a lane for Big Brother to air in mid-winter.

The Longer Winter Theory

The myth of Groundhog Day is that if the groundhog sees its shadow, it means six more weeks of winter. If there's no shadow, then an early spring is around the corner. Perhaps Robyn Kass is making a comparison to how Hollywood is monitoring COVID-19, and is indicating that more COVID outbreaks and nationwide precautions mean that everyone will be waiting at least six more weeks for Big Brother to go into production. This one is a reach, I'll admit, given the timing involved. But it's still plausible.

Season 22 Of Big Brother Will Be Similar To Past Seasons

We all know the speculation that Big Brother is plotting an all-star season, but what if this season had more direct similarities to past seasons? Perhaps in a twist similar to the movie Groundhog Day, houseguests will experience past twists that were utilized in prior seasons on a weekly basis? It would be a cool concept, though I can already hear complaints from fans about constant twists making the competition more random than one based more on deception and skill.

The Tweet Was Just A Reference To The Monotony Of Current Life

With limited options and activities and many people working from home, life can begin to feel like the movie Groundhog Day. Perhaps that was merely what Robyn Kass was expressing with this tweet, meaning it actually has absolutely nothing to do with Big Brother Season 22 at all. That would be a bit of a bummer, though certainly better than the theory this season won't air until next year!

The bottom line here is that I have no idea why Robyn Kass tweeted about Groundhog Day in late June. Much like with all other recent news tethered to Big Brother, this is just another mystery that fans can wrestle with until some actual answers arrive. Until then, let's keep the train of crazy theories and wild ideas rolling.

Big Brother Season 22 is believed to be airing on CBS this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more details in the meantime, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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