Why Big Brother Should Introduce The White Room In Season 22

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Pre-production is reportedly underway for Big Brother Season 22, and there have been sightings of crews going in and out of the show's house. No doubt some renovations are in order for the reported all-star season, but could there also be a new element being implemented that has sprung up a lot elsewhere?

The "White Room" has appeared in Big Brother Brazil and is coming back to Big Brother Australia soon (via Daily Mail), and with two appearances internationally in 2020, I'm wondering if it's finally America's turn for this twist. For those out of the loop, here's a breakdown of the White Room's history, and why it would be the perfect addition to Big Brother Season 22.

What Is The White Room?

The White Room was first introduced in Season 7 of Big Brother Australia in 2007, and ever since has periodically become a part of Big Brother games worldwide. As one may have guessed, the room is all-white everything, save one red buzzer in the middle of the room. That buzzer is typically the only way out of the room, and the key to one of Big Brother's wildest endurance challenges.

The White Room has been used for various purposes over the years and has had different rules across shows. In its debut, Big Brother Australia used it to select a wildcard Houseguest and placed all the hopefuls in the room, with the winner being selected from the remaining Houseguests who didn't give up or exit for prizes. Other versions have kidnapped two Houseguests for the challenge and had them wait it out in order to secure a big prize.

In Big Brother UK Season 17, that prize was a guaranteed slot in the final 3 in finale night. Obviously a prize few would give up, though the guy who ultimately walked accepted an offer of half the game's prize money in exchange for leaving the house immediately. Obviously a major hook in this challenge relies on the prizes, as it'll take more than the color white to drive players already in sequester up the wall.

How The White Room Would Spice Up Big Brother Season 22

Assuming the reports from highly credible sources are accurate, Big Brother Season 22 will be an all-star season. All-stars all know how to play the game, so a fresh twist like the White Room could certainly throw a wrench in everyone’s carefully laid plans.

And since this twist is one that would be new to America, it would be a challenge that is new to both classic and modern players of the game. All past players would have trouble adjusting to a twist they’d never been a part of, so I think a tactic like the White Room could certainly level the playing field amongst competitors.

For fans who have been requesting the return of Big Brother’s “Pressure Cooker” endurance competition, the White Room has this one beat in terms of insanity. Jennifer’s 14 hours pressing a button seems relatively weak in comparison to the week hopeful Houseguests spent in the White Room in Big Brother Australia or the competition in Pinoy Big Brother where two contestants had to live in there with zero communication with each other for 34 hours. If fans are wanting a challenge that will push contestants to the brink, this could be it.

Will Big Brother Bring The White Room To Season 22?

I can only speculate, but I do think it’s interesting that the White Room that’s been in circulation internationally for over a decade has resurfaced twice in recent versions of the game. Of course, the fact that I’m expecting it may be the exact reason it won’t happen. As Julie Chen says so often, “expect the unexpected!”

Big Brother Season 22 will allegedly premiere on CBS this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the reality series in the meantime, and for more news happening in the world of television and movies.

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