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Rumor: Big Brother's Dick Donato Says Another Winner Complained To CBS Over Season 22

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CBS has still not confirmed that Season 22 of Big Brother is an all-star season, though you wouldn't know it from the chatter amongst the game's former elite. Many are treating the rumor as a blatant fact, and have shared their thoughts and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff they've heard with fans while they wait for an official cast list to be revealed.

The latest rumor comes from Big Brother Season 8 winner Dick Donato, who shared that there's one former winner upset she's not on the invite list. He also seems to confirm the reports that two past notables will be returning, which may be great news for some.

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Obviously we have no way of knowing if Dick Donato is telling the truth or stirring the pot, though it would make sense a call like this could happen. Paul Abrahamian competed on Big Brother Seasons 18 and 19, and was rumored to be appearing alongside past Season 19 winner Josh Martinez in Season 22. Nicole Franzel is Season 18's winner, so my assumption is that Paul would reach out hoping to form a Final 3 with the two people who beat him and have an advantage entering the house.

Of course the problem with that alliance is that, apparently, CBS had not called Nicole to be a part of Big Brother Season 22 at the time of the call. According to Dick Donato Nicole was not happy about that, and let the CBS producers know she was not happy about being excluded from the supposed all-star season.

It's slightly understandable considering the assumption that an all-star season would contain the best players of Big Brother. If Nicole found out that the guy she beat to win Big Brother was returning to the show and she wasn't, it's certainly easy to see why that would piss her off. Of course, it's also hard to deny Paul's status as a legendary player, especially after he came in second place twice after competing in back to back seasons.

The real question is, how did Dick "Evel Dick" Donato get this information? That's what one fan wanted to know considering Dick is not known to be good friends with any of the parties involved in this gossip. While that may be true, Donato said he has another group of insiders allegedly feeding him information on Big Brother Season 22.

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I would like to put the disclaimer out there that, now more than ever, all former Big Brother players have a spotlight on their social media. Many may be vague tweeting and sharing information just to keep fans entertained and guessing about who will be in Big Brother Season 22. Dick seems to have some information about who is and isn't involved so far, but we won't actually know how correct he is until that cast list is officially announced.

Big Brother Season 22 is expected to air on CBS sometime this summer (possibly July). Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the upcoming season and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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