Big Brother Fans Mourn 'Premiere Day,' Fear Season 22 May Be Cancelled

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CBS has confirmed it would like to have Big Brother Season 22 air sometime this summer, but that hasn't stopped fans from worrying about whether it will happen. As past rumors suggested houseguests would be going into quarantine soon to compete on the show, many fans are mourning the "premiere day," and fearing that other recent developments may prevent this season from happening altogether.

The premiere day talk is floating around because Big Brother has had a late June premiere date as far back as Season 15. Given that precedent, it's not crazy to think the premiere would've happened this week under normal circumstances, and fans are reacting on Twitter in kind by sharing memes of past players and being a bit down on the platform.

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The road to Season 22 of Big Brother has not been normal for many reasons, but mainly because the reality show was put on hold when it and many other television productions were forced to shut down. It's certainly the primary reason fans aren't already making the predictions for the next winner or obsessively watching the live feeds, and some are calling out the coronavirus for harshing the vibes.

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The coronavirus has even more Big Brother fans down as of late, as ABC News reports Los Angeles county is now leading the world in COVID-19 cases. The county recently had its second-highest peak in daily cases, and Big Brother fans are seeing that as bad news for the show. The Big Brother house is located in the Los Angeles area, and if cases increase there's definitely a chance Season 22 could not happen at all.

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The Big Brother world already had to see Big Brother Canada end early due to COVID-19, so obviously there's some reason to fear that will happen with Season 22 regardless of how long contestants quarantine. Given that this season is heavily rumored to be an all-stars season, some viewers are suggesting the season just be postponed to next year when COVID-19 is, hopefully, in the rear view mirror.

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A rumor surfaced days ago that CBS had accounted for the resurgence of COVID-19 and was looking into using the Love Island villa in Fiji to film Big Brother Season 22. There are many questions on how that would work in regards to what it would mean for Love Island Season 2 and whether or not such a change would even be possible from a standpoint of obtaining visas for cast and crew. Fans have nothing to do but sit and wait for answers, and hope that an actual "premiere day" for Season 22 is coming sooner than later.

CBS has not changed its stance that Big Brother Season 22 will air sometime this summer. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening with the series, and for the latest happening in television and movies.

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