How Stamets And Culber's Relationship Will Heal In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, According To The Actors

Culber And Stamets Star Trek: Discovery

When Star Trek: Discovery returns for Season 3, it's going to put its characters into a whole new world. Needless to say, a lot of characters' lives will change as the Discovery went nearly 1000 years into the future, and some dynamics between others on the ship will further evolve. This includes Stamets and Culber, who went through about as much drama as any major characters in Season 2 could.

For those who may not remember, Culber was brought back to life after being killed by Ash Tyler in Season 1 but was not the same. Season 2 saw Culber question a lot about his life post-resurrection, including his relationship with Stamets. The two ultimately came back together at the season's end, acknowledging they've both changed but can move forward. Stamets actor Anthony Rapp spoke about Season 3 during the Star Trek panel at Comic-Con@Home and how relationships will be touched on in the new episodes:

To me, one of the greatest things about Season 3 is it really blends the personal/family nature of our show and not just literal family like our couple-dom but also the family of the ship. It really explores family in wonderful new ways. I think that’s one of the cool things I’m trying to find a way to say without spoiling too much but that’s one of the major things that gets developed in Season 3 for sure.

It looks like the crew as a whole may grow closer in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, which only makes sense. These characters left behind their family and friends to make this daring jump into the future, so the crew members really only have each other in this uncertain future.

Few characters are as uncertain as Hugh Culber, who may even be a little relieved everyone else was thrown into a major life change. Actor Wilson Cruz talked about Culber's decision to stay on the Discovery and what ultimately made him sure of his relationship with Stamets once more:

I think what’s great about Season 3 is that because of the way Season 2 ends, the fact that Culber has made a choice, he’s taken a risk. Without knowing what’s going to happen, he chooses to stay on the Discovery and because of that choice, he gets to save Paul’s life. I think in that moment he realizes that everything he has ever wanted and everything that he needs is right here between these two people.

Stamets and Culber were one of the few couples on Star Trek: Discovery, so it's good to see Wilson Cruz stating that this is something Culber wants. He may be changed, but it looks like their love will persevere in whatever new dynamic the two work out.

In terms of Culber, Wilson Cruz teased Star Trek: Discovery will see him go through a further transformation. Cruz spoke about what this meant for Stamets, as well as Culber, overall in Season 3:

Because he made this choice, he knows that he’s different, he’s looking at his work different, he knows he feels different about his place in the world and what his purpose is. So the relationship is different in that way too. It’s more on an equal footing I think. I’m excited about the new responsibility I take on in terms of my work and mental health. I love the new Culber. He’s more three-dimensional in my head.

Culber has evolved a lot compared to his character from Season 1, where I'd almost equate him to a filler character. His character change in Season 2 certainly led to more screentime and, given Cruz approves of the changes, I'm only hoping we get to see even more of the new and improved Culber in Season 3.

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