How Star Trek: Discovery's Mirror Georgiou Feels Heading Into Season 3, According To Michelle Yeoh

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 ended with a massive time jump by the Discovery crew and a lot of unknowns in regards to what the future held. The jump nearly 1000 years into the future put the crew into uncharted territory in terms of the franchise lore and, as was recently revealed during Comic-Con@Home, changed a lot of what's happening with the characters as well.

Everyone aboard the Discovery left their old lives behind, and for some, the sacrifice was greater than others. Michelle Yeoh was asked about Georgiou, the former emperor of the mirror universe and recently promoted head of Section 31, and the character's thoughts ahead of Season 3. Perhaps predictably, Yeoh revealed her character's not happy:

I think she’s really pissed off. It’s like ‘Michael Burnham, don’t get in my way.’ I think Emperor/Captain Georgiou is one that always finds a way into adapting because she is a survivor with many skills and a formidable ally or enemy. So she goes in there being very pissed off, but then I’m sure very quickly she’ll find a way around. Power is something that she has. She doesn’t even seek it, she just has it. Scary huh? [laughs]

So now Georgiou is in the future, and once again, forced to claw her way to a seat of power. Chances are she won't be able to do that within the Discovery without making some quick enemies, but perhaps there's some area in this brave new future in which she can establish a foothold? As Michelle Yeoh said, Georgiou naturally has power, so getting a leg up places isn't too difficult for her.

The question is, will Georgiou look to establish a foothold in the future, or find herself a way to get back to the past? Let's not forget, Michelle Yeoh's Georgiou is still set to star in the Section 31 spinoff that was announced. The fact she was launched into the future with the rest of the Discovery at the end of Season 2 made that whole thing confusing, and we've still yet to receive any answers on that. Will she use her skills to find a way back to the past to assume command of Section 31?

It seems plausible, but it's hard to speculate against any scenario given how little we know about the world of Star Trek in this era. Even the first trailer for Season 3 has left a big question mark into what the status of Starfleet is in this future, and what enemies could surface in order to steal that data that Control tried so desperately to obtain. Perhaps Section 31 is still thriving in the future, and Yeoh's Georgiou will start her show there?

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