Why America's Got Talent's Roast Comedian Was Most Worried About Heidi Klum

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent Season 15's quarterfinals. Read at your own risk!

America's Got Talent Season 15 whittled down its competitors once again, and many hopeful acts were unfortunately sent packing. Among them was of the more daring acts of the season, roast comedian Alex Hooper. Most acts wouldn't dream of hurling insults at the judges who help determine their future on the show, but it was exactly what he needed for the act to work.

Alex Hooper was kind enough to answer some questions via email from CinemaBlend, and he shared that although he was fearless on stage, he did have some reservations about roasting some judges. Hooper explained that Heidi Klum was one who particularly worried him, and Sofia Vergara was a bit of a concern as well.

I worry about Heidi the most. She never seems to like the comedians. Roasting her and Sofia is surreal because no one has ever told them anything negative in their lives. When you’re that famous and that gorgeous, you only get compliments. So now here comes this furry bridge troll poking fun and they simply don’t know how to react.

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum were relatively good sports, and even when Vergara hit the buzzer after the performance, the restraint showed she took it in stride. Other people might want to rush the stage if Alex Hooper criticized their past failed marriages or makeup, so a little credit is owed to them for their ability to take a joke.

And, in a move that would typically play to everyone's benefit, Simon Cowell was not around to deliver his own biting commentary. That actually was something Alex Hooper regretted, as he pointed out a rare achievement he pulled off on America's Got Talent back in 2018 that allegedly hadn't happened to that point.

I miss Simon. He was my biggest supporter. He was the only one who got me in 2018 and he commended me for coming back. In 13 seasons, I am the only contestant to get a 'yes' from Simon and a 'no' from everyone else. That’s a badge of honor. I wish he could have been there last night because I know he would have appreciated the work and originality that went into that piece.

Though Simon Cowell wasn't there, Alex Hooper made sure to give him a shoutout during his performance with a savage roast that referenced his recent electric bike accident. Given Cowell's past responses to Hooper's act, it wouldn't be crazy to think Cowell was laughing at home, but he was not present to give a proper thumbs up. Unfortunately, America's Got Talent also stopped doing guest judges recently, which was a shame because Alex Hooper has a few celebs he would've liked to roast.

It’s always love! I respect the hell out of all these people. They’ve had incredible careers and are inspirational in their respective fields. It’s a true honor to get to roast them. I would love to take shots at Ellen. And Howard Stern because I know he’d appreciate it. Is Barney the purple dinosaur still on? Cuz I’ve got stuff to say to him to!

Someone should absolutely put Barney the Dinosaur on as a guest judge in America's Got Talent. Perhaps now that he has recent television exposure, there's a chance Alex Hooper can take this show on the road and eventually get to roast celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Howard Stern.

He certainly deserves the opportunity after pointing out just how different each of his America's Got Talent performances have been. Alex Hooper has performed under some different and wild circumstances.

They could not be more different but all of them have been nightmare scenarios for any comedian. In 2018, Being booed by 3000 people while continuing to perform is a very unique experience. That could have easily broken me, but it only made me stronger. I realized I should never be afraid of anything. This season was a nightmare for totally different reasons. My first audition in 2020 was for 3 iconic multi-millionaires in a giant empty theatre. Then last night I shot live television for 10 million people with untested jokes in front of the same 4 celebrities, and I hadn’t been on stage in 6 months. I’m playing the game on Extreme Hard mode with every single performance. And I’m proud to say I’m excelling.

As previously mentioned, Alex Hooper's ride came to an end, unfortunately. That said, he did return to America's Got Talent once, so there's a chance he could make a comeback in the future if only to take additional shots at Simon Cowell upon his return or for any other future judges.

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