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Morning Talk Show Accidentally Shows Man's Penis During Segment On Nudists

this morning host Phillip Schofield

If one approaches a large-scale fire and then tries to walk through it without any safety precautions, one can expect to get seriously burned. Similarly, if a morning TV show aims to cover a nudist community without any active censorship precautions, there are going to be a lot viewers with burning eyeballs when things inevitably go wrong. Such was the case for the UK's This Morning, which inadvertently went all HBO recently by showing a male nudist's penis during a live telecast.

For the destined-to-be-doomed segment, former Big Brother UK winner and This Morning correspondent Josie Gibson went to visit the Sun & Air Naturist Club in Liverpool following a report from the British Naturism Organization that stated their membership has doubled during the ongoing global pandemic. Things started off safely enough, with Gibson donning a bathing suit and speaking with a strategically positioned couple about why they love being nudists. (Do note Gibson's bawdy "rise in members" pun, also.) But then Josie Gibson took things up a notch, as it were, by taking a quick dive into the community pool, and the unexpected coldness definitely did inspire a shrinkage joke.

This Morning shifted focus for a bit before returning to the naturist community, only to find that Josie Gibson had apparently stripped down to her birthday suit for the rest of the segment. (The fact that this took place right before a kebab-related cooking demonstration just added to the phallic theme.) Naturally, this is when things got a little too hot for normal TV, as the camera operator strayed from the comfort zone and accidentally caught a little too much skin from one of the nudists. Check out the full NSFW video below, with the questionable shots showing up after the three-minute mark.

First, I think I can safely say that the reaction shots from This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were the most hilarious and entertaining parts of the video. Willoughby just stares ahead the whole time with a look of bemused disbelief, while Schofield's entire body goes into cringe-mode. I mean, someone probably could have stepped in and pulled focus to something else to avoid any potential mishaps, but as they say, the show must go on.

Which leads us to my second point: the whole thing feels vaguely manufactured in some way, doesn't it? If nothing else, that guy whose crotch made it to live TV did not seem too eager to use his towel to cover himself up very well, and the camera definitely shifted a little too far to the left a few times. And for a quick third point, is it weird to anyone else that they show was promoting a giveaway of the very vehicle that all those naked people were sitting in? I get that the seats were probably protected, but still.

Anyway, regardless of whether the dong's morning TV debut was intentional or completely accidental, This Morning definitely turned a lot of heads with that eye-opening segment, with lots of people reacting to the installment on social media.

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The person who tweeted the message below definitely understands the importance of proper timing when it comes to juxtaposing naturist segments and cooking demos.

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This Morning airs weekdays on ITV in the UK. For everyone here in the U.S., be sure to keep track of our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows will be debuting in the coming months.

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