How Steve Harvey Feels About Getting Back To Work After Quarantining For Months

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There are very few people who came into 2020 fully prepared for what was going to go down this year. Along with the many other difficulties we've had, has been coping with not seeing our friends and family face to face (or, really, seeing pretty much anyone face to face) for months on end. Quarantine hasn't been easy for most people, and Steve Harvey is opening up about being able to get back to work after enduring stay at home orders for months.

It's now been several weeks since things began to open up again around the country, and this includes many offices and other businesses which had to close down in mid-March, as we tried to figure out best practices for keeping everyone safe. Now that more and more folks are moving with increased freedom, though, going back to work outside of the home has led many to realize how much they've missed seeing co-workers. It turns out that host with the most Steve Harvey, who's back at work on his Facebook Watch series, STEVE on Watch, is among those people, and he's spoken about what it's like to return to work after a long quarantine, telling Entertainment Tonight:

I'm so happy to see these people. Y'all, I've been in quarantine since March. It's a blessing to be working, so I'm happy. I like seeing all these people around here because I was tired of talking in my house, and I've been talking to the same person for five months.

Oh, yeah. Steve Harvey really is echoing the thoughts and feelings of a lot of people right now. Even if you're not someone who has the need to see and be seen on a regular basis, it can be difficult to face daily life for weeks on end with only your four walls to keep you company. Even if, like Harvey, you've had at least one other person quarantining with you since March, that maybe didn't allow for the most scintillating conversations after a while, as you both started to bounce the same ideas / fears / concerns off of each other. Though, Harvey did take time out to hang with Kanye West, and that had to be an intriguing gab session.

It's quite lucky, then, that Steve Harvey and his crew have been able to get back to work. They were in the middle of Season 1 when STEVE on Watch had to suspend filming, but, as expected, now that the show is up and running again, they had to implement some changes to make sure things are as safe as possible. One of those changes has meant that Harvey, like many talk show hosts, is now hosting his show from home, and he and any on-site crew needed get weekly virus tests.

But another, much more positive change, has been finding a way to allow an audience back into the experience of filming STEVE on Watch. There's now a giant screen on one wall of Harvey's makeshift home studio which is used to show about 50 virtual audience members who are patched in to each taping via Zoom, so that he can interact with them, and still "get the full studio feel."

Steve Harvey will be back for Season 2 of STEVE on Watch on September 14, but be sure to check out what else you can watch in the coming weeks with our guide to fall TV!

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