The Best Non-Hick Letterkenny Side Characters, Rated From 10 To 1-Ply

Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr on Letterkenny

The cast of Letterkenny

You’re enjoying your 17th consecutive binge of Letterkenny the other dayeee when you begin to contemplate which character, outside of the four main Hicks, you think you like the best. Then, you begin to realize that the most effective way to determine this decision is to figure out which side character from the Hulu exclusive is the one with the most “ply.”

A devoted fan of the absurd comedy, which provides honest commentary on life in rural Canada, would understand that “10-ply” is classic Letterkenny slang for calling someone “soft,” which can either refer to their physical or emotional vulnerability, or even both. Given how the titular town’s citizens, especially Wayne (Letterkenny creator Jared Keeso), tend to judge each other this way, we figured why not do the same in an effort to rank our favorite characters.

We deliberately left out the Hicks because ranking and rating them would be too easy, with Katy (Michelle Mylett), at most, a 3-ply, Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) both at about 2, and Wayne proving enough times that he pretty much borders on zero-ply. However, the following Letterkenny side characters are fair game to decide who among them is most emotionally secure, physically tough, and also hilariously quippy on a scale of 10-ply (the softest) to 1-ply (the strongest). Who can defend their honor?

Jacob Tierney

10. Glen

Portrayed by Letterkenny co-developer Jacob Tierney (who also directs most episodes), Glen is undoubtedly one of the funniest characters on the series (particularly for the countless double entendres that allude to his supposed sexuality), but he is softer than a brand-new feather pillow on an untouched cotton field, maybe even more physically than emotionally. His struggle to commit to the conflicts he starts himself and complete lack of effort to hide (or, perhaps, genuinely accept) his true nature are probably why he was forced out of his position as pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, leaving him to take a job at MoDean’s II (later MoD3an’s).

Rating: 10-Ply

Mark Forward on Letterkenny

9. Coach

The essential reason Letterkenny’s local hockey coach (Mark Forward) is ever funnier than Glen is how irresistibly amusing it is to see him at his most “fucking embarrassing” moments. However, when Coach is not mourning his late wife, Barb, or throwing a childish fit over a game loss, he could rival the Hicks at name-calling, as he proved in the Valentine’s Day special, but only if his opponent has no comeback most likely.

Rating: 8-Ply

Evan Stern on Letterkenny

8. Roald

I would deem more susceptible to any name-calling or similar offense would have to be Roald (Evan Stern), who is one of the more quotable side characters (“Stert!”) but is, comparatively, the weakest representation of the Skids in Letterkenny, due to his unflinching devotion to Stewart, which sometimes comes off as pathetic. However, in retrospect, such loyalty can be hard to come by and is worthy of respect. Not to mention, at least he is open and accepting about his homosexuality, unlike some people.

Rating: 7-Ply

Tyler Johnston on Letterkenny

7. Stewart

Speaking of the Skids, their unquestionable leader is Stewart (Tyler Johnston), who is a Grade-A pain in the ass for his blind defiance of anything close to conformity (which is at least funny to us), but, on the other hand, the Letterkenny Valentine’s Day special did see Stewart and Wayne in a rare moment of peace and commonality, which helps boost his chances on this list by quite a bit. What really boosts his score here, however, was how unexpectedly ripped he got Season 8, giving him a much-needed leg-up when the tarps come off.

Rating: 5-Ply

Dan Petroijevic on Letterkenny

6. McMurray

Speaking of tarps off, fighting has never been much of a problem for Letterkenny’s Agricultural Hall President, McMurray (Dan Petroijevic), especially when they are degens mucking things up. Yet, therein lies the problem as he often tends to get a little too excited when there ain’t no reason to. Plus, you best not bring up homosexuality around him or he’ll get “kinda weird talking about it.”

Rating: 5-Ply

Kamilla Kowal on Letterkenny

5. Bonnie McMurray

McMurray’s daughter Bonnie (Kamilla Kowal), also everyone’s favorite server at MoD3an’s, is not really the fighting type, but never fails to bring out the deepest ply within most men (and sometimes Katy) with her breathtaking beauty (“Ohhhhh, Bonnie McMurrayyyy”). Not to mention, she is usually quite strong in her convictions, whenever she actually has any, and rarely seems threatened by anything or anyone in Letterkenny, unlike her father.

Rating: 4-Ply

Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr on Letterkenny

4. Jonesy And Reilly

Two frequent victims of Bonnie McMurray’s appeal are Jonesy (Andrew Herr) and Reilly (Dylan Playfair), who are so astonishingly co-dependent on each other that, for a while, either had no issue dating Katy at the same time in earlier episodes of Letterkenny. That being said, their bromance is the kind that some men would only dream to have with their own biological siblings and is the secret to their success on the hockey rink. 

Rating: 4-Ply

Lisa Codrington on Letterkenny

3. Gail

One thing that Gail (Lisa Codrington), the proud owner or MoD3an’s, undisputedly has on Jonesy and Reilly is her resilience to any kind of disrespect, which she can almost be too quick to snap at, if we are being honest. Plus, “soft” is certainly not the word one would ever describe a woman as uncomfortably open about her sexual conquests as she.

Rating: 3-Ply

Jared Keeso (right) on Letterkenny

2. Shoresy

You could also say that about Shoresy (played by a disguised Jared Keeso), even though his openness about his sexual conquests is not ever actually genuine, but a means to taunt Jonesy and Reilly, any other Letterkenny hockey teammate or opponent, and pretty much anyone else he comes into contact with. Until the day that this degen says the wrong thing to Wayne, his rapid-fire chirpin’ is most welcome and nothing short of legendary.

Rating: 2-Ply

Kaniehtiio Honn on Letterkenny

1. Tanis

Being this tough never quite looked as good as it does on Tanis (Kaniehtiio Horn), the leader of the Natives at the “Rez” outside of Letterkenny, whose only reason for backing down from (or instigating) a fight (even though she has enough men to do it for her) would be to let her nails dry. Before you could just start to think about make fun of her for that, she would have already broken your spirit with an intimidating glance and sharp tongue that almost got the best of Wayne during the short time they were an item. To quote her father Wally (Joseph Nakogee), “If you find yourselves in her way, you ought to swiftly get out of it,” and that’s just what we love about her.

Rating: 1-Ply

So, what do you think? Is Tanis only second to Wayne as the toughest around Letterkenny, or do you have the guts to call her 10-ply? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates about the hilarious Hulu exclusive sitcom, as well as even more ranked lists related your favorite movies and TV shows, here on CinemaBlend.

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