Filthy Rich's Eugene Is On The Path To Redemption, But Does He Deserve It?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Filthy Rich episode "John 3:3." Read at your own risk!

Filthy Rich features a lot of characters that preach religion but are less holier-than-thou, though Eugene Monreaux really takes the cake. The founder of the Sunshine Network had a dubious secret life rife with affairs and illegitimate children, and now in the wake of his "death," his family is left to pick up the pieces, fight for what's theirs, and attempt to salvage his soiled name for their personal gain.

Of course, what the characters don't know is that Eugene survived his "fatal" plane crash and was seen in "John 3:3" making his way back to them with a renewed faith and a walking stick. Filthy Rich showrunner Abe Sylvia revealed to The Wrap that the circumstances behind Eugene's survival will be explained and that there is hope for him yet.

Well, all will be revealed in good time. What I will say is that the South is ripe with legend and the Gothic stories and he is on the eternal path of the sinner in the road to redemption. And in a show that’s about religion, one of the things that I was pretty adamant about was we need a story that tells the audience that faith is real.

Abe Sylvia confirmed Eugene Monreaux is on the path to redemption, in spite of the fact that characters like his wife Margaret Monreaux believe the plane crash that "killed" him was caused by God (this is a complicated family drama). That statement alone should say that there will be some heavy conflict between Eugene and his wife should he show his face again, and of course, all the legitimate and illegitimate children now privy to his long-held secret life.

The question of whether or not Eugene deserves a second chance to right all his wrongs depends largely on who's asked. There are more than a few characters who believe Eugene is dead and that he got what he deserved, but that's not necessarily in line with the whole message of the religion in the show. If Filthy Rich is leaning on its version of a religious angle, then Eugene is indeed spiritually eligible to cleanse his soul, right his wrongs, and get back to being the man that the public thought he was before his death.

Speaking of a religious spin, who exactly was that woman who nursed Eugene back to health and baptized him in the swamp? Was she some sort of mysterious "good samaritan" or is there something more supernatural at play here? It's a question that I would wager will become more clear as the weeks continue to pass, and if Filthy Rich gets the audience and attention to further develop its story past Season 1.

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