Supergirl Actress Melissa Benoist's Alleged Abuser Speaks Out, Apologizes

blake jenner apologizes to melissa benoist

Last November, Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist posted a 14-minute video revealing that she was a survivor of domestic violence. Benoist claimed that she had been pinned down, punched, slapped, dragged by her hair on concrete, choked, and head-butted among other things while in the abusive relationship. While Benoist never mentioned her alleged abuser by name, many at the time suspected that it was Glee alum Blake Jenner, Benoist’s ex-husband. Recently, Jenner spoke out about the allegations of abuse, apologizing and taking responsibility.

Blake Jenner posted to Instagram for the first time since Melissa Benoist’s allegations of domestic abuse went public last year. In a lengthy post, Jenner alleged that there was abuse on both sides and that it started early on in the relationship. He also doesn’t mention his then-partner by name, but claims that the abusive relationship referenced in his message was brought up last year. So the timelines match up with Benoist’s claims. Jenner apologized for his part in the abuse and took responsibility for it, citing an incident that Benoist referenced in her video. Here’s a part of what Jenner wrote:

I take full responsibility and accountability for the hurt that I inflicted during my relationship with my past partner — emotionally, mentally, and yes, physically. Two years prior to the end of our relationship, there was a time where my past partner and I were in an argument that escalated, and in a moment of frustration… I threw my phone aimlessly and it hit my former partner in her face. I froze in a state of shock and horror as my then-partner screamed in anguish, her eye immediately swollen shut from the impact of the phone… I am responsible for the pain that I caused her in that moment and beyond.

Blake Jenner also accuses his ex-partner of mental and emotional abuse. He alleges that he was “discouraged from and threatened” to not get close to any female co-stars and that he was prohibited from seeing his friends for years. Jenner alleges that he was slapped, scratched, and punched. One incident allegedly led to a trip to the hospital to treat a broken nose.

In addition, Blake Jenner says that he also had to make up lies about visible injuries to others. This seems to mirror Melissa Benoist’s story about how she lied to cover up her swollen eye, lacerations, and broken nose after Jenner allegedly threw a phone at her face, which also tore her iris and nearly ruptured her eyeball.

Blake Jenner also claims that he’s spent years in therapy and that the instances of alleged emotional and physical abuse were rooted in “false ideas of manhood,” which he says doesn’t serve as an excuse for his behavior. Jenner apologized to the reader, saying he is sorry for the “loss of respect and trust” and for “injecting negativity” into the world. However, the “most important” apology goes to his ex-partner. In his words:

However, the most important apology extends — then and now — to my former partner. I am sorry. There are many things I could have done differently; and while I wish it did not take the pain that was suffered throughout the course of our relationship, I will never regress to making the same mistakes ever again. I will never stop doing the work necessary to better myself in all areas of my life. I wish you and your family nothing but good health, joy and love.

Melissa Benoist married former Supergirl co-star Chris Wood last year. The pair welcomed a baby boy named Huxley Robert Wood a short while ago. Benoist’s final run as Supergirl is fast approaching, as the sixth season was recently announced as its last. Season 6 will bow at some point in 2021. As of this writing, she has not commented on Blake Jenner’s apology and allegations. You can read Jenner’s post in its entirety below.

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