Why Saturday Night Live Veteran Leslie Jones Doesn’t Actually Miss The Show

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Leslie Jones exited Saturday Night Live ahead of Season 45, and she is not looking back. In fact, the fan-favorite comedian has gone on to reveal that she does not really miss the show, and for a keen reason. Since leaving SNL, Jones has a new series -- the revival of Supermarket Sweep, which she will also host. As far as her days on the sketch comedy go, Jones is not yearning to return to them.

Last year, Leslie Jones broke her silence regarding her departure from comedy recruiter Saturday Night Live. At the time, Jones shared that she felt she had left the show a “better performer.” As for missing the show, well, that's an entirely different emotion. The beloved comic shared her feelings about whether or not she missed Saturday Night Live, and this is what she told ET:

I don’t miss it. At all. That job was hard, man. That job was like two jobs and very restrictive too. I wasn’t very free there.

And that's why Leslie Jones doesn't miss Saturday Night Live. When she explains that it felt like “two jobs,” you can completely understand where he's coming from. Fans have witnessed a lot of the show's stars come and go through the years, and the workload has been unquestionably immense for those who make it. Among them have been Chris Rock, who got Jones an audition for the series in the first place.

Leslie Jones has since revealed she almost turned down starring on Saturday Night Live. But in the end, she went on to do it, and the result sounds like an exhausting undertaking. Jones’ sentiments regarding Saturday Night Live are something her former colleagues have similarly voiced. For instance, Jones’ former co-star, Pete Davidson, shared that he almost quit it, before later saying he would stay as long as he could.

While Jones decided that it was time to move on, some of her colleagues seem to feel right at home at SNL. For instance, her co-star, Kate McKinnon, did end up returning despite speculation she might leave too. Still, Jones, has gone in an exciting new direction as the host of Supermarket Sweep, finding herself a new network home in the process. The revival will arrive on NBC’s rival network, ABC, and Jones seems more than ready to call the shots.

As for Jones' previous show, it's currently experiencing a new normal, thanks to the coronavirus. The pandemic caused SNL to do remote episodes before it returned to the studio for its current season. Following its comeback, the show also found an ingenious way to recruit live audience members by paying them.

Speaking of getting money, you can see a happy Leslie Jones hosting Supermarket Sweep when it premieres Sunday, Oct. 18, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Jones’ old show, Saturday Night Live, airs live starting at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The grocery competition and the sketch comedy are not the only shows airing new episodes, as you can check out this fall’s schedule for more viewing options.

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