How Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Has Quietly Been Getting Star Wars Fans Pumped

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(Image credit: netflix press)
(Image credit: netflix press)

Katee Sackhoff is no stranger to sci-fi storytelling on the big and small screen, from Battlestar Galactica to Riddick to The Flash. She'll be seen again relatively soon for Season 2 of Netflix's Another Life, but many are likely even more pumped to witness the long-rumored live-action debut of Sackhoff's Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian's second season. While that news still hasn't been confirmed by Disney or Star Wars' camps, nor by the actress herself, Sackhoff has subtly been giving Star Wars fans some optimism that Bo-Katan is on the way, and maybe for longer than we thought.

For one thing, the social media-savvy Katee Sackhoff has been responsive with fans talking to her about Another Life and her always entertaining YouTube channel, but all without saying anything direct about Star Wars or The Mandalorian. However, Sackhoff has still shown Star Wars some love in the past month or so on Twitter by liking a handful of Star Wars-related posts specifically from The Mandalorian star Gina Carano. While it technically may not actually mean all THAT much, note that these appeared to be some of the only recent Star Wars-friendly messages that Sackhoff reacted to (beyond what's brought up below), and she didn't appear to "like" any of Carano's other posts during the same time window, so it would not appear to be just an instance of online politeness.

Now for the really interesting update. In the past week, the grain-of-salt rumor mill was chugging along with a report that Disney+ is looking into developing a spinoff TV show that would center on both Gina Carano's Cara Dune and Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan. One of the journalists who made that news public noticed that Sackhoff had a positive reaction to another outlet's story about the rumor, which isn't something that happens very often when the claims are complete garbage. Check out the tweet below:

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It is, of course, entirely possible that Katee Sackhoff liked that tweet merely because she thinks it would be a cool idea for Bo-Katan to get a spinoff, and not because Disney+ is actively developing yet another live-action Star Wars series on top of Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi show, the Rogue One prequel, and the female-led drama from Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland. Of course, a Cara Dune/Bo-Katan spinoff might actually BE that female-led drama that Headland is working on, but it's hard to tell at this point.

What does seem clear is that Star Wars fans can almost definitely expect to see Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan making the jump from animation to live-action when The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ for Season 2. It's true that those Disney+ casting rumors for She-Hulk recently came into question after Tatiana Maslany denied that she'd been officially cast, but I believe that's the biggest Star Wars/MCU casting rumor in a while that sparked a somewhat negative response. (I'm not counting Rahul Kohli's rumored Ezra Bridger casting here, though, since he's the one who started the rumor.)

Of course, Katee Sackhoff probably would have had to sign a Mandalorian/Clone Wars NDA that doesn't allow her to say anything about in-development projects anyway. Still, it's pretty easy to believe that she'll pop up in Season 2 and beyond, even if she's not tag-teaming with Baby Yoda on some grand mission.

And now, fans can start heavily speculating whether or not the former Mandalore leader Bo-Katan is going to be part of a totally standalone series along with Cara Dune. We're also waiting get some actual confirmation about Boba Fett's possible inclusion and Rosario Dawson's rumored arrival as The Mandalorian's live-action Ahsoka Tano, but knowing Disney, that probably won't happen until she actually shows up in a scene. The same goes for any other Rebels and Clone Wars characters that seem like inevitable additions.

What does everyone think about Katee Sackhoff potentially co-leading her own Star Wars TV show? Let us know in the poll below, and don't forget to tune into The Mandalorian when Season 2 debuts on Disney+ on Friday, October 30. While waiting to hear more, stay tuned to CinemaBlend and head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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