Dave Chappelle’s Monologue Got Political, Then He Made Pete Davidson Laugh So Hard He Spit Out Fangs

Dave Chappelle and Pete Davidson on SNL

Dave Chappelle’s been making a foray back into the public eye in recent years and his most mainstream return yet has been this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which came the same day various news outlets finally declared the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. So, of course Chappelle got a little political in his monologue, but later he also did a sketch with Pete Davidson where the latter played Count Chocula. The episode was all over the board and there was a little bit for everyone.

Dave Chappelle kicked off his SNL monologue by admitting he was nervous, though he says it was all “inside.” He then launched into a story about his grandfather who was a slave who found education, freedom and Jesus Christ before ribbing on himself for bearing his grandpa’s name but doing work for nothing. Chappelle touches on playing shows in cornfields, Donald Trump take on the “kung flu” and much, much more.

The monologue was a nice tie-in with this week’s cold open, which featured Alec Baldwin as Trump trying to claim the election only for Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden and Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris characters. Rudolph and Alec Baldwin were more involved in the episode as a whole this week, as well.

Later in the show, Dave Chappelle intro’d a sketch about Black workers losing jobs that he’d created with Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson whereupon some classic Black mascots. Including Aunt Jemima, were forced to defend their jobs to some white executives, one of which is played by Alec Baldwin.

The segment gets even better though, once Dave Chappelle and Pete Davidson join the scene. Chappelle’s playing the Allstate Guy, offering a perfect conceit and a pretty good impression. Allstate Guy tries to throw Count Chocula under the bus, who insists he “isn’t Black, but made of chocolate.” But the best moment happens when Chappelle breaks character and declares, ‘Seriously, America, look at Pete Davidson’s lips,” causing the latter to spit out his fangs with laughter.

It was a sketch worth watching, if you haven’t already, and it prompted a lot of appreciation for Pete Davidson’s lips online. This isn't the first time a cast member has broken character this season, but given he had in fangs when Dave Chappelle made Davidson laugh, it's a classic SNL moment.

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This was Dave Chappelle's second SNL episode and it didn't disappoint. In fact, the Foo Fighters also performed as the Musical guests. We’ll keep you updated as Saturday Night Live continues to fill out its Season 46 roster. Meanwhile, new episodes of SNL air on Saturday nights, live from New York, only on NBC.

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