How Chicago Med Just Proved That Choi Needs To Change For His New Position


Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 2 of Chicago Med Season 6, called "Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight."

Chicago Med delivered some new sources of drama in "Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight" on top of the ongoing pandemic problems, and the result is that the very capable Dr. Ethan Choi is going to shake things up. The episode revealed that Choi is the new Emergency Department Chief, much to the dismay of Will Halstead, and his first day as ED boss wasn't without its issues. Those issues may be preventable if he makes some changes.

The biggest issue facing Choi in "Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight" was through no fault of his own, honestly. Will is in a tough position now that his breakup with Hannah and new apartment full of bedbugs left him without a place to stay, without anybody to go home to, and without much happening at the hospital. It was a recipe for disaster.

A pep talk from Maggie left him hopeful that he could be appointed the new ED Chief after Dr. Lanik's departure, and he handled it in a very Will Halstead way when he learned that Choi got the job. Namely, he handled it badly and impulsively, proving Goodwin's point about why he wasn't a smart choice to lead the department.

Choi kept a level head in his interactions with Will, even as Will bristled at the doctor who had been at Med for less time became his boss. The situation wasn't helped by the fact that Will's diagnosis was correct even though the odds were in favor of a simpler diagnosis, and Will accused Choi of micromanaging. I actually can see both sides of the argument, and I don't blame Will for not handling the bombshell of Choi's promotion well when he didn't see it coming.

And honestly, I feel for the guy after Goodwin flat out told him she never considered him for the job, adding that his relationship with Hannah hadn't helped as salt in his open wound. I totally agree with Goodwin that Will would be the wrong man for the job, but I feel for him... as long as he adjusts to having Ethan as his boss, and as long as Choi realizes that his military protocol and precision won't work for everybody. It should be on Will to accommodate Choi, but I've been watching Med long enough to know that Will will only bend so far, and the ED needs him as a diagnostician.

The bigger issue that need addressing for Choi as boss might be April. He is seemingly relying on her to keep him in line, but their history together could make that dynamic pretty sticky, and I would argue that a lot of his decisions regarding April have been driven by their personal connection rather than his professional opinions.

April calling him out in small doses could be a good thing; Choi doubting his instincts if April disagrees with him could set him back when he needs to be confident and step up. He has a soft spot for her, and I'm just afraid that the soft spot will sabotage him and perhaps their relationship in the long run, especially if other members of staff think they see some favoritism.

Basically, I think Choi is 100% the best choice as the new Emergency Department Chief, but he's facing some obstacles. Will joining Dr. Virani's clinical trial might distract him from lashing out at Choi, but the trailer for the Med return in January proves that April and Choi are already going to be at odds over his new position in the next episode. With some changes, he could be the best thing to happen to the ED in a while.

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