Welcome To Plathville's Olivia Plath Apologizes For 'Setting A Bad Example' In Latest Episode

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Welcome to Plathville episode "You Can't Stop The Girl." Read at your own risk!

TLC's Welcome to Plathville may be seen as a controversial show, though not often for the actions of the children living outside Barry and Kim Plath's home. Following the latest episode, Olivia Plath is apologizing to viewers for "setting a bad example" to anyone who may watch the show.

Olivia, who is married to the Plath's son Ethan, felt the need to jump on Instagram after the conclusion of "You Can't Stop The Girl." Olivia apologized to any viewers offended by her actions, or maybe to get out ahead of any controversy she may have caused during one specific scene in the episode.

There's a scene where I go to the store to buy fireworks and I don't have a mask on. Some people may not care about that. I'm bringing it up because I realize that I'm an example on a public platform, and I was not a good example there. At that time, rural south Georgia was not taking COVID seriously. There wasn't a lot of cases down here and I honestly didn't know much about the pandemic. Plus I was raised in an environment that 'If the government says it don't trust it.' So I felt super uncomfortable walking into the store that day without a mask, but I was like 'A lot of other people don't have masks on, I don't really know,' and I really regret my decision not to wear a mask. Obviously I didn't contract COVID but I was a bad example. I just wanted to get on and say I've done a lot more research and growing since then and encourage everyone to stay safe and think of others first.

The Plaths were in the fireworks store to get supplies for a Fourth of July celebration, and Olivia was not the only one not wearing a mask. Micah, Olivia, and Ethan Plath weren't wearing masks either, along with several other customers in the store. With that being said a few can be seen with masks on, but as Olivia said, there were far more not wearing masks in the store than those that were.

While Olivia Plath was not wearing a mask in the fireworks store scene, Welcome to Plathville did show her and Ethan earlier in the episode wearing masks when she went to get her belly button piercing. For now, it seems like Olivia is more serious about wearing a mask, and is hoping others do the same.

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