Brad Pitt Was Able To Go Incognito And Help Those In Need Thanks To Mask-Wearing

Brad Pitt smoking and doing work in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Mask-wearing has become the norm in many public places in 2020. Say what you will about those little pieces of cloth, but they have actually been a big boon in many ways to celebrities elsewhere, helping the likes of Brad Pitt and others go incognito when they normally wouldn’t be able to. Case in point: Pitt recently wanted to do some good and help deliver food in South Central LA.

Last week, Brad Pitt donned a mask and headed out into the public, driving a truck and helping to unload groceries for loads of people who were in need. The actor had a mask on the whole time, and a source told The Daily Mail that due to the mask and his current long and salt and peppered hair that “most people in the crowd probably didn't know who he was.”

The actor donned a casual plaid shirt, ripped jeans, gloves and a mask during the event and was seen carrying a lot of food. In fact, according to unnamed source at the event he totally kicked butt and was seen carrying “probably six boxes at a time,” which would be more than anyone else there, so go Brad Pitt.

The only reason Brad Pitt was probably even caught in action was because at one point he took a break on the back of the truck and pulled off of his mask so that he could light a cigarette and smoke, confirming his identity. He was eventually there with some friends, as paparazzi caught him hugging his pal Thomas Houseago when he also showed up to help hand out groceries; Houseago reportedly stuck around even after the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star left.

In the past, one of the reasons celebrities love events like Comic-Con is because they can dress up and go out and be just a regular person in a crowd. Weirdly, Covid-19 may have a lot of cons for folks, but for celebrities there is more of a chance to just get out into public and be a regular human being for once.

Brad Pitt has been known to lend a helping hand before this recent masked occasion. In addition to regular work with the Make It Right Foundation he found in December of 2007, the actor earlier this year also surprised a makeup artist who is near and dear to him with a renovation that aired on HGTV thanks to some help with the Property Brothers. In addition, proceeds from a Fast Times at Ridgemont High reunion went to charity in 2020 too.

It's been a long year for most of us, but sometimes seeing a little good happening in the world can be enough to spread positive momentum and encourage more of it. Hopefully, that's what Brad Pitt did here.

Jessica Rawden
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