Hugh Jackman Set Aside His Ryan Reynolds Feud In The Name Of Mask Wearing

Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Just because Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been major players in the X-Men film franchise doesn’t mean the two of them get along. For years now, the actors have been engaged in a bitter feud that’s seen a lot of tears shed and feelings hurt. Okay, so in reality, this feud is all just good-natured joshing between Jackman and Reynolds, but either way, it doesn’t look like it’ll be dying down anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean that temporary truces can’t be called. For example, recently Ryan Reynolds has been promoting masking up in the midst of the pandemic, and recently, there was street art depicting the actor wearing a face mask while wearing his Deadpool costume. Hugh Jackman approved of this PSA with the following picture he shared on his Instagram Stories:

Hugh Jackman Instagram Stories post

Look, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will always have their “differences,” but it’s nice to see that Jackman can acknowledge when Ryan Reynolds is being a good egg. As you can see, along with drawing a heart arrow around Reynolds’ face, Jackman added his own digital mask when taking the selfie.

But wait, there’s more! As it turns out, this artwork was plastered next door to one of the Laughing Man Coffee Company cafes in New York City. If you’re unclear why this is special, it’s because Hugh Jackman launched the Laughing Man Coffee Company. Artist 1penemy highlighted his poster’s amusing placement with the below post:

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So in this instance, Hugh Jackman was able to find common ground with Ryan Reynolds, and rightfully so. But again, don’t expect this to become the new norm. The actors don’t seem to be tired of their faux quarrel, and as long as they’re still squeezing fun out of it, the rest of us can only benefit from their back-and-forth with each other.

Looking at 2020 alone, highlights of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ feud have included the former trolling the latter about the upcoming movie Free Guy, Jackman jokingly threatening to file a lawsuit over a fan-made Deadpool 3 poster, and Reynolds accusing Jackman of wearing a wig in a Laughing Man Coffee Company commercial. The bickering between these two has even extended to children’s birthday parties, and Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, briefly got involved in it during awards season.

The current pandemic may continue to be throwing the film and TV industries for a loop, but it’s nice to see that it hasn’t affected Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ shenanigans. And if it’s in the name of a good cause or a worthy message, yes, there will be more times when the pause button is pressed on the feud. But for the most part, it continues on, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more updates on when barbs and jabs are thrown both ways.

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy was originally supposed to come out next month, but it was recently pushed back to a yet-to-be-revealed release date. Hugh Jackman is next set to appear in Reminiscence, which is slated for April 16, 2021. Look through our 2021 release schedule to learn what other movies are on the way next year.

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