Welcome To Plathville's Moriah Has A New Guy Friend, But Will It Last?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Welcome to Plathville episode "My Mystery Man." Read at your own risk!

The Welcome to Plathville Season 2 premiere teased that Moriah Plath was seeing someone, and while she wasn't willing to discuss that with parents Barry and Kim Plath, viewers got a look at the "mystery man" in the second episode. Moriah rode off on a motorcycle to go on a date with a guy named Max Kallschmidt, and it seemed love was very much in the air.

The question fans may want to know the answer to now is: did it last? I'm certainly wondering after Moriah Plath added a photo of the two with a caption that may suggest the two of them are no longer together.

Last night on #welcometoplathville y’all got to meet someone very special to me... my very best friend @maxkall2.0! Thank you Max for letting me hold tight to you on the back of your motorcycle... and the past few months of this crazy life! You’re the very best friend a girl could ask for. Tune in Tuesday’s at 10pm to see what happens next!

The way Moriah Plath continually used "best friend" makes me doubt that she and Max Kallschmidt are still a thing in the present day. Still, the fact that she said that he's been there for her the "past few months" of this crazy life does seem to indicate the two are still in contact and on good terms, so it's possible the two are just trying to figure out what they are exactly when it comes to a relationship.

Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt became "Instagram official" as a couple back in late June. Despite that, it doesn't seem like either has pictures together on their Instagram pages until the recent upload of them for the motorcycle photoshoot. In fact, someone who visits Max's page may even notice he's featured looking like a groom in a wedding picture, with a woman who is not Moriah.

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For those scratching their heads right now, don't worry -- it's just a photoshoot. In fact, there's another photo of Max with Ethan and Micah Plath in the same gallery of wedding photos, so it seems like Max is a model much like Moriah's brother Micah. Even so, the other photos on his page show him hanging out with a lot of other women that aren't Moriah, which may give credence to the idea that the two are no longer a couple.

It's worth mentioning that it's not uncommon to see the star of a TLC series scrub their social media of relevant pictures that may spoil plots ahead of a new season, so there is a chance that Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt are still together. If I were a betting man I'd lean on the likelihood that the Welcome to Plathville star has moved on from this relationship, however, if only because the caption on her statement just felt very restrained and platonic. Perhaps more insight on that relationship is coming in Season 2, and the truth will be revealed soon.

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